Carroll College, Helena Montana
Living on campus

Living on Campus

What is life like on campus for a Carroll student?

Sitting in TreeFor over 100 years, Carroll College has been a community that enlightens the minds and hearts of students. Today, our campus is home to men and women from many different places and backgrounds who—on a daily basis—learn and have fun together, cheer each other on, challenge each other, and support each other through joyful and difficult times.

It’s easy to fall in love with our campus. There’s a mountain view from just about every angle, and our buildings—a combination of beautiful classic and modern architecture—sit among expansive green spaces. Whether engaged in a snowball fight or a lazy afternoon nap, it’s common to see students out enjoying campus and breathing in the crisp mountain air.

Living on campus offers you affordable digs without the hassles of finding an apartment, commuting and parking and dealing with utility bills and landlords. Shuffle to class or the dining hall in your slippers if you like. These are your college years—live them worry-free and to the fullest by staying in the thick of the action, near your friends and the social and recreational life on campus. Whether it’s all-freshman Guadalupe Hall, or the historic castle on the hill and underclassmen residence St. Charles, quiet Borromeo Hall, or the suite-style Trinity Hall for juniors and seniors, Carroll offers students the good life at an affordable, competitive price.

Softball WeekendCampus entertainment every day of the week, quiet places to study and hang out with friends, nearby shopping, restaurants and coffee spots just across the street: these are just some of the reasons that students love our campus. Mostly, it’s the friendships. Living with your best buddies is about as good as it gets, and you’ll meet your friends for life at Carroll from day one in your first year here.

Students choose Carroll because it suits their personality and their spirit: they want a college that understands that student needs come first. They want excellent professors to help them succeed in class, in grad school admissions, in job hunting and in life. Carroll students don't want to stand in line or get stressed with a lot of red tape. Carroll students are the kind of people who prefer to help others because it makes everyone better off. They want to stand out in their fields and in their coursework, but they are committed to living by the highest personal standards along the way. If that’s what you’re about, Carroll is the place for you.