Carroll College, Helena Montana
Gold Team

Gold Team

Carroll College Gold Team

Do you recognize any of these smiling faces?  Perhaps you see your tour guide, lunch host, or Admission Office representative from your visit to campus.  Or maybe you were wondering about the friendly student who called to tell you a little more about student life at Carroll.

Gold Team Ambassadors help out in the Admission Office and want to make sure that you enjoy your Carroll visit experience.  They enjoy meeting students who are considering Carroll and would love to tell you more about the Carroll community!  If you have questions for a current student please email the Gold Team Ambassadors:

We hope to see you on campus!

Meet our 2013-14 Gold Team below!

Gold Team

Alex Polsin Alex Polsin

Alex Polsin

Hometown: Spokane Valley, WA

Major: Chemistry

What is your favorite thing about Carroll?

My favorite thing about Carroll is the class size and the personal connection that you gain with other students and your professors. I still keep in touch with my history professor from freshman year. We found common ground in our love for travel and are good friends now.

Ashley Pecora Ashley Pecora

Veronica Rubio

Hometown: Helena, MT

Major: Health Sciences

What is your favorite thing about Carroll?

I truly appreciate the helpful people who make my life easier when I need help or am stressed out about classes or financial aid. For example, my freshman year I was in my chemistry teacher’s office almost every office hour he offered. He truly took the time to help me achieve the grade that I wanted.

Caitlin Anglemier Caitlin Anglemier

Caitlin Anglemier

Hometown: Salem, OR

Major: International Relations & French

What is your favorite thing about Carroll?

The second that you step on campus, you are already a part of this big family. I have never encountered such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and that has been such a source of comfort during my first year away from home. I explicitly remember my first day of school here at Carroll. While walking to my classes that day, at least 10 different professors smiled and greeted me.

Carly Colligan Carly Colligan

Carly Colligan

Hometown: Wasilla, AK

Major: Nursing

What is your favorite thing about Helena?

I love how Helena has a small town atmosphere but still provides BIG opportunities. There are lots of places to do internships and get advice from professionals. Being at Carroll in Helena has made me very optimistic about my future. As a nursing major I am looking forward to having my clinical experiences at both St. Peter’s Hospital and Shodair Childrens Hospital located here in Helena. My favorite things to do in Helena also include going to the Big Dipper for ice cream, sledding down Guad Hill, watching movies in Simperman Auditorium, and having dinner at Taco Del Sol.

Connon Smith Connor Smith

Connor Smith

Hometown: Richland, WA

Major: Molecular Biology

What is your favorite thing about Helena?

My favorite thing about Helena is its central location in Montana. We have beautiful mountains to our West and rolling badlands, reminiscent of cowboys and ghost towns to our East. Some of the best fishing and hunting in the country is only half an hour away from our city limits, while Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks are only four hours away. Nature is at our back door!

Erin Reynolds Erin Reynolds

Erin Reynolds

Hometown: Selden, NY

Major: Anthrozoology and Psychology

What is your favorite thing about Helena?

Helena is such a great town. It has a little bit of everything. The people are great, the stores support Carroll students, and the location for all kinds of outdoor adventures is amazing. There’s something for everyone. I’ve never felt so safe and supported, even in my hometown!

Garrett Ryerson Garrett Ryerson

Garrett Ryerson

Hometown: Helena, MT

Major: Biology & Anthrozoology

What will you miss most about Carroll when you graduate?

I will miss the beauty and accessibility of being so close to the outdoors while continuing my education. It’s awesome to be in class in the morning and be skiing by lunch! Great Divide offers great slopes and affordability for all your de-stressing needs.

Jake Fiocchi Jake Fiocchi

Jake Fiocchi

Hometown: Portland, OR

Major: Biology (Pre-med)

What is your favorite thing about Carroll?

The best thing about Carroll is the professors. Not only are they helpful and knowledgeable, but they are also great people. From helping you write a Journey parody song to discussing Breaking Bad in your Chemistry lab, the professors are here to make your time at Carroll great.

Jay Bouchard Jay Bouchard

Jay Bouchard

Hometown: Goffstown, NH

Major: English Writing

What is your favorite thing about Helena?

For a relatively small city, Helena is home to an impressive arts culture. There are several galleries and museums which feature the artistic talent of the Helena community. In addition, Helena yields a vibrant music culture. There is a host of live music throughout the city, not to mention a phenomenal symphony – all of which is easily accessible to Carroll students.

Lauren Fulton Lauren Fulton

Lauren Fulton

Hometown: Federal Way, WA

Major: Psychology

What is your favorite thing about Helena?

I love how much the Helena community supports Carroll. Several store owners are either Carroll graduates themselves or hire Carroll students and many businesses offer discounts to students. Home games are always filled with fans from the Helena community who love Carroll. I love the tailgating before games because I always get free food.

Leah Henningsen Leah Henningsen

Leah Henningsen

Hometown: West Linn, Oregon

Major: Nursing

What is your favorite thing about Carroll?

My favorite thing about Carroll was living in Guadalupe Hall my freshman year. Almost every night my friends and I would sit in the hallway on my floor for group homework sessions, which were always followed with food and card games. Living in Guadalupe Hall introduced me to some of the best friends, opportunities, and experiences that I will never forget.

Matthew Christiaens Matthew Christiaens

Matthew Christiaens

Hometown: Valier, MT

Major: Psychology with Philosophy and Theology minors

What will you miss most about Carroll when you graduate?

The thing I will miss most about Carroll when I graduate is Campus Ministry. Events like Freshman/Sophomore Retreat, Search and COR have shaped me as a man and helped me discover my vocation through Christ. Campus Ministry took me to serve in Guatemala and because of this experience I will be forever changed. Carroll is a school where learning occurs in and out of the classroom and focuses on creating a person who is meant to change the world.

Megan Rotz Megan Rotz

Megan Rotz

Hometown: Rathdrum, ID

Major: Health Science

What will you miss most about Carroll when you graduate?

I will miss the feel of the Carroll family. The students, faculty, and staff are all very friendly and are there for one another. I love how people say hello while walking around campus. I will also miss swing dancing. Doing tricks and jumps is da bomb!

Nate Kavanaugh Nate Kavanagh

Nate Kavanaugh

Hometown: Cut Bank, MT

Major: Communication Studies and Public Relations

What is your favorite thing about Carroll?

The best thing about Carroll is definitely the people. When I moved into Guadalupe Hall as a freshman, I was greeted with smiling faces and helping hands. I think I carried one thing into my first home away from home. After move-in, it only got better the more people I met. I connected with so many students and eventually built relationships with my professors. It’s a great feeling when your history professor not only knows your first name, but also your hometown, favorite sport, and other interests.

Olivia Duletski Olivia Duletski

Olivia Duletski

Hometown: Bowman, ND

Major: Chemistry

What is your favorite thing about Carroll?

My favorite aspect of Carroll is the people. I love the community that Carroll College creates. The staff and fellow students are always available and supportive. Carroll has an inviting atmosphere that helps everyone feel welcome. I can always find someone who is up for an adventure, such as hiking Mt. Helena, visiting the nearby lakes, or going to a movie on a Friday night.

Paige Lewis Paige Lewis

Paige Lewis

Hometown: Los Altos, CA

Major: Elementary Education (with a Reading minor)

What is your favorite thing about Carroll?

I love the events that connect Carroll with Helena’s community and culture. Every year on Halloween, Guadalupe Hall, one of the freshman residence halls, opens its doors to the kids of Helena for trick-or-treating. Handing out candy to the kids was a huge highlight of my college experience.

Pierce Peasley Pierce Peasley

Pierce Peasley

Hometown:Wheatland, WY/p>

Major: Biology

What is your favorite thing about Helena?

Living in Helena has been a fantastic part of my Carroll experience. The city is situated so that you can participate in a wide variety of outdoor activities from skiing to ice fishing. However, not only are there many outdoor activities, but art events are present as well. My first week here at Carroll I attended the symphony with a world-renowned pianist, and, the following week, I was able to attend a play at the local arts center, the Myrna Loy.

Sarah LaPierre Sarah LaPierre

Sarah LaPierre

Hometown: Great Falls, MT

Major: Biology and Biochemistry

What will you miss most about Carroll when you graduate?

I will most miss having the chance to stop by my professor’s and supervisors’ offices and talking about work and school as well as life in general. In my first month as a student at Carroll, one of my professors gave me tips on how to get into medical school and fostered my goals and now we’re friends.

Stephen Schmidt Stephen Schmidt

Stephen Schmidt

Hometown: Missoula, MT

Major: Biology

What is your favorite thing about Carroll?

The combination of a liberal arts curriculum and a Catholic community gives students a sense of family here at Carroll. All of the students and faculty are friendly and help each other out. I even ran into my chemistry professor skiing my freshman year only a few weeks after school started and he knew me by name.

Veronica Rubio Veronica Rubio

Veronica Rubio

Hometown: Dublin, CA

Major: Elementary Education

What will you miss most about Carroll when you graduate?

After I graduate, I will miss my friends and teachers tremendously. I can always count on a hello from my teachers and a genuine interest in my well-being. My friends and I have shared so many wonderful memories from sledding down Guad Hill, to swing dancing my heart out, to enjoying each other’s company at late night in Subconnection! I will miss Carroll dearly!