Carroll College, Helena Montana
Gold Team

Gold Team

Carroll College Gold Team

Do you recognize any of these smiling faces?  Perhaps you see your tour guide, lunch host, or Admission Office representative from your visit to campus.  Or maybe you were wondering about the friendly student who called to tell you a little more about student life at Carroll.

Gold Team Ambassadors help out in the Admission Office and want to make sure that you enjoy your Carroll visit experience.  They enjoy meeting students who are considering Carroll and would love to tell you more about the Carroll community!

We hope to see you on campus!

Meet our 2016-17 Gold Team below!

Gold Team

Amy Telck Amy Telck

Amy Telck

Hometown: Cañon City, CO

Major: Mathematics

What is your favorite thing about Carroll?

My favorite thing about Carroll is the buildings. Each building contributes to the unique history of Carroll. For example, each floor in Saint Charles Hall, the oldest building on campus, tells a story. Though newly renovated, the lobby portrays the original use of the space when Carroll was founded; priests and students cooked, dined, and gathered together in this space. Now, Carroll students enjoy the modern feel, while preserving and sharing in the history of Carroll.

Bernhardt Di Cino Bernhardt Di Cino

Bernhardt Di Cino

Hometown: Boise, ID

Major: Health Science

What is your favorite thing about Carroll?

When I first arrived on campus, I was really nervous about approaching the professor to ask for help. I finally built up the nerve to visit one of my professors during office hours to ask for help, and doing so was the best decision I ever made. All the professors at Carroll are so approachable and helpful with whatever is troubling you in class. This aspect really enhanced my learning environment and assisted in me achieving the grades I wanted.

Caitlin Anglemier Caitlin Anglemier

Caitlin Anglemier

Hometown: Salem, OR

Major: International Relations & French

What is your favorite thing about Carroll?

The second that you step on campus, you are already a part of this big family. I have never encountered such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and that has been such a source of comfort during my first year away from home. I explicitly remember my first day of school here at Carroll. While walking to my classes that day, at least 10 different professors smiled and greeted me.

Carly Colligan Carly Colligan

Carly Colligan

Hometown: Wasilla, AK

Major: Nursing

What is your favorite thing about Helena?

I love how Helena has a small town atmosphere but still provides BIG opportunities. There are lots of places to do internships and get advice from professionals. Being at Carroll in Helena has made me very optimistic about my future. As a nursing major I am looking forward to having my clinical experiences at both St. Peter’s Hospital and Shodair Childrens Hospital located here in Helena. My favorite things to do in Helena also include going to the Big Dipper for ice cream, sledding down Guad Hill, watching movies in Simperman Auditorium, and having dinner at Taco Del Sol.

Hannah Sylvester Hannah Sylvester

Hannah Sylvester

Hometown: Spokane, WA

Major: Biology

What is your favorite thing about Helena?

My favorite things in Helena are all of the little shops! My friends and I love to go downtown and explore a shop we haven’t been to before. My personal favorite place to go is the General Mercantile. The first time I went in there, I spent 30 minutes looking at all the little intricacies in the store, so even though I didn’t get much homework done there at that time, now it is one of my favorite homework spots. 

Jaime Severson Jamie Severson

Jaime Severson

Hometown: Bozeman, MT

Major: Health Science

What is your favorite thing about Carroll?

My favorite thing about Carroll is the plethora of activities that are offered on and off campus. In college it’s important to enjoy as many activities you can with your fellow colleagues. Carroll does a wonderful job of providing students with events and things to do almost every day of the week. Whether it’s a swing dance, a movie, laser tag, or a Segway obstacle course, there are always good ways to unwind from studying and working hard. My favorite activity is the slip-n-slide down Guad Hill at the beginning of the year. It’s a great way to start the year with some fun, and get to know your classmates!

Jonathyn Jannot Jonathyn Jannot

Jonathyn Jannot

Hometown: Otis Orchards, WA

Major: Biology, Music Minor

What is your favorite thing about Helena?

One of my favorite things about Carroll is how close it is to downtown Helena. Carrolll's campus is within walking distance of all the great attractions downtown Helena has to offer. There's the movie theater, coffee shops, and great restaurants. When the weather is nice, I like to walk to the stores that I haven't been in before or alternate between different coffee shops. There's also the library which is a great place to study off campus if you can't seem to find that perfect study sport here on campus!

Katie Buckner Katie Buckner

Katie Buckner

Hometown: Bozeman, MT

Major: Engineering

What is your favorite thing about Carroll?

Carroll students create a great community of faith. I love the respect for the faith traditions here. I was ecstatic to make friends with a different religious back ground and even those who don’t belong to a particular faith tradition because we were all able to worship together and learn from each other. The difference in our faiths makes for lasting relationships. 

Katie Foster Katie Foster

Katie Foster

Hometown: Upland, CA

Major: Nursing

What is your favorite thing about Helena?

Moving from California to Montana was an exciting change for me! I was a little worried about leaving the hustle and bustle of the city, but it was more than easy to find all kinds of new adventures here! I am constantly finding new things to do, whether it’s hiking, bowling, heading to the movies, checking out the cute boutiques downtown, or finding a new study spot in a cozy coffee shop! I love Helena because although it is different from my hometown, it really does feel like home.

Kelly Taft Kelly Taft

Kelly Taft

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Major: Sociology

What is your favorite thing about Helena?

My favorite things about Helena are these things they call mountains. Not only do they provide an excellent backdrop for learning, but also they offer a multitude of outdoor opportunities which Carroll students love to take advantage of. The Valley provides a panoramic view from any part of the college. Looking out of my window, I can dream of going skiing, and I can make that a reality in a ½ hour drive. 

 Leah Henningsen Leah Henningsen

Leah Henningsen

Hometown: West Linn, Oregon

Major: Nursing

What is your favorite thing about Carroll?

My favorite thing about Carroll was living in Guadalupe Hall my freshman year. Almost every night my friends and I would sit in the hallway on my floor for group homework sessions, which were always followed with food and card games. Living in Guadalupe Hall introduced me to some of the best friends, opportunities, and experiences that I will never forget.

Mariah Schell Mariah Schell

Mariah Schell

Hometown: Miles City, MT

Major: Health Science

What is your favorite thing about Helena?

The thing that I love most about Helena is the beautiful landscape. Coming from the flat, dry valleys of Eastern Montana, this place is like a dream come true. I have always wanted to live in the mountains, not only for the change of scenery, but also for the outdoor opportunities they provide. I remember the first week of school I went on a hike up to the summit of Mount Helena with the CAMP club. It was the most amazing feeling to be on top of a mountain in the place where I would spend the next four years going to a school I fell in love with. As I was looking down at the town of Helena and the surrounding mountains I remember thinking, “if I can do this, I can do anything!”

Nicole Kraut Nicole Kraut

Nicole Kraut

Hometown: Post Falls, ID

Major: Nursing

What is your favorite thing about Carroll?

My favorite aspect of Carroll is the Campus Ministry. I grew up in a Catholic home, and attending a faith-based school was highly important for me. Carroll not only supports me in my walk of faith, it also provides numerous opportunities for growth in my Catholic faith. I enjoy attending Sunday night mass with a few hundred students and community members. Outside of Sunday night mass Carroll’s campus ministry provides fun, spiritual, and enriching retreats for Carroll students, which is my favorite part of campus ministry.

Nicole Rang Nichole Rang

Nicole Rang

Hometown: Arlee, MT

Majors: Biology, Health Sciences, and Communications

What is your favorite thing about Carroll?

My favorite aspect about Carroll is the community on campus. Students from all around the United States and other countries add variety to our campus.  I would love to see our campus diversity grow! You can learn so much from others around you, whether they’re from another state or another country, everyone has a story to share. At Carroll you’ll find friendly people who want to hear your story and join you on your path to success. 

Pierce Peasley Pierce Peasley

Pierce Peasley

Hometown:Wheatland, WY

Major: Biology

What is your favorite thing about Helena?

Living in Helena has been a fantastic part of my Carroll experience. The city is situated so that you can participate in a wide variety of outdoor activities from skiing to ice fishing. However, not only are there many outdoor activities, but art events are present as well. My first week here at Carroll I attended the symphony with a world-renowned pianist, and, the following week, I was able to attend a play at the local arts center, the Myrna Loy.

Sarah Hayden Sarah Hayden

Sarah Hayden

Hometown: Weiser, Idaho

Major: History

What is your favorite thing about Carroll?

Everyone here, whether a professor, a student, or a custodian, is part of the Carroll family. Carroll is definitely my home away from home. When I was moving back into the residence halls after a break, one of the custodians helped me lug my bags up to the second floor of Guadalupe. There is something truly special about Carroll that can only be experienced in person. 

Sidney Bryn Sidney Bryn

Sidney Bryn

Hometown: Billings, MT

Major: Biochemistry

What will you miss most about Carroll when you graduate?

What I will miss most when I graduate are the people at Carroll. The relationships that I have formed with my friends and some of Carroll’s faculty will last way beyond graduation. Carroll is a great community that has acted as my second family.

Taylor Ehl Taylor Ehl

Taylor Ehl

Hometown: Happy Valley, OR

Majors: Business Administration and Spanish

What is your favorite thing about Helena?

My favorite thing about Helena is downtown. During the fall my friends and I love to go to the Saturday market. Also all of the shops downtown are eclectic and unique. I loved shopping downtown at Christmas time when I needed gifts for family and friends. Often Carroll students get a discount, too.

Ted Olenick Ted Olenick

Ted Olenick

Hometown: Pocatello, ID

Major: Biology, Pre-med

What is your favorite thing about Carroll?

My favorite aspect of Carroll College is the incredible variety of activities! In my time here I have been fortunate enough to be a part of several organizations and clubs at Carroll and in Helena such as Student Government, Gold Team, The Carroll College Society of Medicine and Dentistry, and the local Young Life group. On top of that, there are retreats, Men’s and Women’s faith groups, and service opportunities all around the community. I remember going on Freshman Retreat and only knowing my roommate. By the end of the retreat, I had gotten to know most everyone on my floor and I’m still good friends with most of them to this day. Getting involved around campus and the community is the best way to make the most out of your college experience!

Tori Bonar Tori Bonar

Tori Bonar

Hometown: Boise, ID

Major: International Relations

What is your favorite thing about Helena?

My favorite thing about Helena is how quiet and calm it is. Having lived in Las Vegas and Boise, Helena is vastly different from both cities. Helena is in a beautiful area – I love standing at the top of St. Charles Hall and looking at the mountains. Carroll College is home to many kind-hearted individuals that have helped me notice the beauty that this small city can provide.