Carroll College, Helena Montana

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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About Helena / Things To Do

Is there any good food in Helena?

Yes! Taco Del Sol, Staggering Ox, Pita Pit and Firetower are great places to grab a quick lunch. For a fancy date, you might want to try On Broadway, Benny's Bistro, or Lucca's. For fun with friends, Bert and Ernie's, the Brewhouse, the Fusion Grille, Nagoya Japanese, and the Windbag are popular places. But don't overlook Toi's Thai, Jade Garden, or the Mediterranean Grill either. Helena has a lot of unique options!

Where is the nearest place to hike?

Mount Helena is the closest hiking to Carroll -- the trailheads are about a ten-minute walk from campus. But within a thirty minute drive there is hiking in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, Gates of the Mountains, Grizzly Gulch -- even the south hills offer some fantastic trails.

Can I fly into Helena?

You sure can. The Helena Regional Airport (HLN) flies to and receives flights daily from Seattle, Denver, Salt Lake and Minneapolis.

How big is Helena?

Helena's city-limit population as of 2013 was 29,596. While the Helena area is home to over 60,000 people.

What outdoor activities can I do near Carroll?

Almost anything. For hiking and mountain biking the choices are endless, Mount Helena is right near by and there are millions of acres of state and national forest surrounding Helena. Excellent rock climbing, downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, fly fishing, whitewater rafting, canoeing, kayaking, water skiing, and back country camping lie within 30-60 minutes of campus.

Where is the nearest place to shop?

Downtown Helena is home to stores like Sole Sisters, Base Camp, and Montana Book and Toy Company. If you're looking for chain stores, on the other side of town you'll find Costco, Macy's, Target, Hastings, TJ Maxx, Walmart and Ross. The bargain hunter in you might opt for Good Samaritan thrift store, or Golden Girls antique mall. We've got a little bit of everything!

Are there sports teams in Helena?

Besides Carroll athletics, Helena is home to the Brewers, a minor league affiliate baseball team to the Milwaukee Brewers, and the Helena Bighorns, a junior hockey club. Citizens also play in adult-league soccer, softball and football year-round.

What is there to do off-campus?

What isn't there to do? Helena is home to several local theaters that run productions year-round. Carroll students get discounted movie tickets at the Myrna Loy Center. The Cinemark is across the street from campus. We have a symphony orchestra, a farmer's market, and a fall art walk. Helena is home to the Archie Bray, the premier ceramics institute in the nation. Live music can be found downtown almost nightly. Shopping, eating, dancing -- you can do it all here!


Do you require the essay portion of the ACT or SAT?

We do recommend that students take the essay portion of the test as we can then use that information in advising and placement, however, we do not require the essay portion of the ACT/SAT for admission.

Do I have to take courses outside my major?

Yes. As part of our CORE requirements, all students are required to take courses in math, history, fine arts, natural science, social science, literature, philosophy, and theology, along with overlapping requirements such as "writing intensive" courses in and out of your major, and courses labeled as "national diversity" or "global diversity" courses. An example of a national diversity class is Native American Studies or American Literature, which are courses that could also satisfy social science or literature CORE requirements, respectively.

What pre-professional options are available?

Students at Carroll can prepare for any number of professional schools including: Medical, Dental, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Veterinary, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, and Law.

You can learn more about our academic offerings here.

Do you accept AP credits or IB scores?

Carroll does award college credits for College Entrance Examination Board Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations and for higher level International Baccalaureate (IB) exams upon enrollment. Please see our AP-IB Guide for information specific to each subject test.

Does Carroll have graduate degrees?

No. Carroll College is an undergraduate institution offering Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees.

What majors are available at Carroll?

Carroll offers over 40 different majors ranging from accounting to engineering to classical studies and history. You can view a complete listing of majors here.

Does Carroll have study abroad?

Yes! Carroll has a variety of education abroad opportunities, including direct exchanges with schools in Kumamoto, Japan, and Caen, France. We are also members of the International Student Exchange Program, sending students to schools in 53 countries across the globe. Go to the education abroad page for more information!

Does Carroll operate on a semester calendar?

Yes. Fall Semester is from the end of August to December. Spring Semester is from January to May.

Does Carroll offer internships?

Carroll's internship coordinator places students in internships at Carroll, in Helena, at other locations in Montana, and across the country. Through this relevant work experience students can earn credits, invaluable experience, and connections in their field.

What GPA/test scores do I need to go to Carroll?

We don't hold specific minimum requirements for entrance. As a guideline, however, our average incoming GPA is a 3.5 and our average ACT score is a 25 (1650 SAT). We evaluate a student's entire application before making a decision, (high school transcripts, letters of recommendation, test scores and personal statement) and there are students above and below our average marks that have convinced us that they can perform well at Carroll.


How much does it cost for Carroll students to attend games?

All regular season home games are free for Carroll students.

Are there intramurals on campus?

Plenty. The list changes each year, but this year we had intramural football, basketball, volleyball, racquetball, kickboxing, softball, bowling, ultimate Frisbee and dodgeball. Students can also sign up for 1 credit fitness classes in dance, martial arts, swimming, yoga and more.

What varsity sports does Carroll have?

Men's Sports: Football, Soccer, Basketball, Track and Field, Cross Country, Golf.

Women's Sports: Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Field, Cross Country, Golf, Softball.

What conference does Carroll's sports teams compete in?

Carroll College competes in the NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) Frontier Conference.

What is a "Crazy"?

The Carroll Crazies are our dedicated student fans - a group of students easily spotted by their bright gold shirts and high energy level in the stands.

What are the workout facilities like?

The Carroll PE Center has a fully-equipped fitness center, weight training rooms and a spacious gym. Admission to the PE Center is free to all students.

Catholic Affiliation

Do I have to be Catholic to attend Carroll?

No. Just over half of the students who report a religious affiliation report that they are Catholic, and the rest are students of other denominations or faiths, or non-believers. Carroll balances its Catholic tradition with also creating an environment that is welcoming to all.

Who is the sponsoring church organization of Carroll College?

Carroll College is Roman Catholic and sponsored by the Diocese of Helena. As only one of seven remaining Diocesan colleges in the United States, we are committed to education for lifelong ministry. Just as Gonzaga University and Seattle University are commonly referred to as “Jesuit,” Carroll and its counterparts are referred to as "Diocesan Catholic."

Do I have to go to Mass?

No. While we offer daily Mass on campus in our various chapels and the campus center, students are not required to attend Mass, and no attendance is taken at Mass. Catholic Sacraments are an opportunity and not a requirement.

Do I have to take theology classes?

As part of our CORE requirements, Carroll students are required to take Theological Foundations and an additional theology course at Carroll, along with courses in math, history, fine arts, natural science, social science, literature and philosophy.

Why attend a Catholic college?

In addition to taking theology courses as part of the core curriculum, Carroll is committed to producing socially conscious and ethical graduates grounded in strong values. Courses and clubs provide service opportunities and we have guest speakers on moral and theological topics. Campus Ministry offers our students a supportive and welcoming environment in which they can explore and strengthen their spirituality. To learn more about our mission and Catholic identity please visit this page.

Clubs and Events

What different clubs are offered to students on campus?

A huge variety, with everything from Art, Theatre and Astronomy clubs to Rock Climbing and Outdoor Adventure groups to Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology and other academic specialty organizations. Campus Ministry and Campus Christian Fellowship at Carroll are very active. Political groups-campus Democrats and Republicans-plus organizations promoting Environmental Activism and Recycling (The Green Team), Social Equality (GSA, Gay-Straight Alliance), Social Justice (SJS), International Students (OASIS) and Public Service (FACES) offer something for everyone. Students are welcome to participate politically in Student Government, the student senate and residence hall councils. Become a reporter for the campus newspaper (Prospector) and/or submit pen prose and poetry for Carroll’s literary magazine (Colors) which are all open to students. There is also the famous Carroll Crazies Sports Fan Club and the Pep Band.

What kinds of on-campus events does Carroll sponsor?

Concerts, lectures, dances, comedians, international food festivals, a huge spring softball tournament, hayrides, just to name a few, and most are free to Carroll students. The student government, ASCC, sponsors monthly free ice skating and broom hockey nights after the local Helena Ice Arena hockey games, free bowling nights, free movie nights and free coffee nights with musical entertainment both on and off campus. Carroll Unplugged performances and Piano Night showcases Carroll talent for the entire community. Home games for our sports teams rock the packed PE Center. In the past year, Carroll has hosted several bands (The Clumsy Lovers, Paradym and Crispin to name a few) and the college performing arts department typically produces four plays each academic year for the entire campus and Helena communities, with admission free to Carroll students. Dances occurring throughout the academic year include Homecoming, the Set-Up Your Roommate (SYR) dance, the Barn Dance and the dance at the spring Junior-Senior banquet, among others. The campus observatory is open several days each month for astronomical viewing through the large-aperture telescope. Religious retreats, scripture study and Masses are available daily.


What percentage of students are Catholic?

Catholic = 62%, Other Denominations = 38% (*of those students who report)

What percentage of the students are male/female?

Male = 43%, Female = 57%

What is the Student to Faculty ratio?


What percentage of students are from Out-of-State?

Montana = 49%, Out-of-State = 51%

What is the average class size?

16 students

What is the total enrollment?

About 1,500 students

International Students

Does Carroll offer scholarships for International Students?

Yes, all first year and transfer students are considered for merit aid. First year merit scholarships are based on a combination of secondary school grades and either SAT/ACT scores or TOEFL/IELTS scores.   Transfer student scholarships are based on the grade point average at the time of transfer. Athletic scholarships are also available for qualified students.

For more information regarding international student admission, scholarships, cost of attendance and more, please go to: or email Michelle Lewis at 

Residence Life

What size are the beds in the residence halls?

The beds are extra-long twins.

How many years do students live on campus?

Students are required to live on campus their first two years. First year students are housed in Guadalupe Hall and St. Charles Hall and Sophomores are housed in St. Charles.

Upperclassmen may choose to live off campus although apartment style housing and apartments are available on campus for Juniors and Seniors.

What is a Peer Minister?

Unique to Carroll College, Peer Ministers are peer advisors placed in the residence halls by Campus Ministry. They work in coordination with Campus Ministry to organize events focused on Catholic life on campus, including daily masses, various spiritual retreats, and on-campus get-togethers and activities. They're also available for guidance and support to the students they live with in the halls, in a mentor role. Find out more

What are the meal plan options for first year students?

Students living on campus have a choice of 4 meal plans for thier first year.

Meal plans include a combination of "meals," which are eaten in the dining hall and "flex dollars," which are used in the cafe and coffee shops on campus.  Meal plans also include "Saints Cash" which can be used on campus as well as off campus area restaurants including Bert & Ernie's, Dairy Queen, Hardees, Pizza Hut and Taco del Sol.

What is a CA?

CA stands for Community Advisors. Other schools call this position a residential assistant, but our Community Advisors take a more active role than mere "assistants;" they are facilitators of activities, programs, fun and learning. Community Advisors are upperclassmen placed in the residence halls to build community on their floors, in the halls, and across campus.

Can I bring a car to campus?

Yes. Students may bring cars to campus as early as their freshman year. Parking passes are $90 or $165 depending on the lot and are available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Does Carroll have fraternities or sororities?

No. Carroll does not have any sanctioned fraternities or sororities.

Are Residence Halls co-ed?

Yes. The buildings are co-ed, but the floors are single gendered. For example, in Guadalupe Hall, St. Mary's wing houses the female students and St. Joseph's wing houses the male students. In St. Charles Hall the students are divided by floor.

How safe is campus?

Helena is one of the safest places to live, with a crime rate of 5 times less than the national average. Carroll is extremely safe, with locked residence halls, night desk workers in all residential facilities and security patrols at night.

Is there wireless internet on campus?

Yes. There is wireless internet available in all common areas on campus and in all residence hall rooms. There is also ethernet capability in the residence hall rooms.

Tuition and Scholarships

I have more questions about financial aid. Where can I get them answered?

If you can't find it at the Financial Aid website, give us a call! 1.800.992.3648 or 406.447.5425.

Can I use my outside scholarships at Carroll?

Of course! Students bring in over $500,000 to Carroll in outside scholarships annually. Click here to see how you can get in on that action.

Do you offer Athletic Scholarships?

Yes. Coaches may offer Athletic Scholarships of varying amounts to students in conjunction with Merit Scholarships.

What is tuition?

The 2015-2016 tuition, fixed fees and room & board costs before financial aid:

Full time tuition $16,106 $32,212
Room and Board $4,792 $9,582
Fees $490 $980
DIRECT COST $21,388 $42,776

*Additional information on scholarship opportunities is available on our Financial Aid website. You can check out our net price calculator here.

What are the Merit Based scholarships that Carroll offers?

2016-2017 Carroll Merit Scholarships
Bishop Carroll $18,000
Presidential $16,000
Trustee $15,000
All Saints $13,000
Founders $11,000

What is the scholarship deadline?

For the majority of our institutional scholarships, the application deadline is March 1st, annually.

Are scholarships renewable?

Merit based scholarships for first year students are renewable for four years - as long as the student is a full time student and in good academic standing. Other Carroll College gift aid may be based on financial need, intended major, or other factors and may need to be re-evaluated each year.  Merit based scholarships for transfer students are renewable for up to six semesters (3 years) as long as the student is attending full time and is in good academic standing.