Carroll College, Helena Montana

Admission Counselors

The Carroll College Admission Counselors welcome you

The Office of Admission at Carroll College would like to meet with you when you come to visit! We look forward to working with you and appreciate the opportunity to help you as you journey through your college search.

A few tips from our counselors:

  • Search and apply early.  It probably goes without saying that leaving your college search until the last minute or spending your whole senior year working on college applications is not the best plan! Connect early with admission representatives from the schools you are considering and get the ball rolling.
  • Ask lots of questions. You should be considering a number of schools, and a good admission counselor knows this. They should be of assistance not only in answering questions about their college, but also offer general insight to help you in your college search. It helps to have a good relationship with your admission counselor so they can help you make the best decision. After all, it’s your future and you want  to find the college that is the best fit for you .
  • Spend time on your decision. Choosing the right school is a BIG decision, so take some time with the schools you are considering. Don’t just jump from website to website and think that you will learn all you need to know about the college. You’re trying to determine which of these colleges will be your home for the next 4-5 years so take the time to strongly consider your options. These are important years filled with learning, both in and out of the classroom, and working on becoming the person you were meant to be! Big decisions require time - so take it!
  • Visit campus in person. Campus visits are the best way to get a good feel for a college. You want to be able to see what campus life is like, interact with current students and faculty, even try out the campus cuisine, everything that is really going to round out your college experience.

Take a moment to meet your Admission Counselor below!

> International student?US citizen living abroad?

Cynthia Thornquist

Cynthia ThornquistDirector of Admission and Enrollment

Territory: All Campus Visits and Programs

Phone: 406 447 4389

Why I think you'll love Carroll College

You will love Carroll College because we have the most compassionate and energetic students. I have become friends with so many of the terrific students who were here, studied hard, accomplished amazing things both on and off campus, and have gone on to do the same compassionate things in their communities and in the world. Carroll's students make this place the special place that it is. I say without any reservation that you will make friends for life at Carroll... and that's why you'll LOVE Carroll College!

Ty Eisbach

Ty EisbachSenior Associate Director of Admission

Territory: Oregon, Western Washington

Phone: 503 281 3079
Location: Portland, OR

Why I think you'll love Carroll College

Being a small, private liberal arts college doesn’t make Carroll unique but we are distinguished in many ways. Carroll has been competitive nationally in a number of our academic majors most notably in biology where Carroll has ranked in the 95 percentile for the past nine years on the Educational Testing Service’s major field test in biology, a ranking that places our biology students in the top tier of over 13,000 college and university students nationwide. And Carroll’s overall pass rate on the Fundamentals of Engineering exam is 90%, compared to a national pass rate of about 75%.

I experienced this first hand as a student and continue to hear this amongst our students today. Helena, Montana also provides a beautiful backdrop in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, a capitol city with many cultural events, live music and outdoor activities to take part in which only adds to the Carroll experience.

Laurie Rodriguez

Laurie RodriguezAssociate Director of Admission

Territory: Southwest MT, Colorado, Nevada, Alaska, Lower Midwest (AL, AR, KY,LA, MS, MO, OH, TN)

Phone: 406 447 5483

Why I think you'll love Carroll College

Quite simply, the people.  If you’re looking for a caring, community environment, with collaborative learning opportunities – Carroll is the place. Smaller class size doesn’t mean "limited." It means supportive and encouraging. It demonstrates flexibility and creates an opportunity to discover and explore various educational and extracurricular endeavors.

Carroll College is a community of talented and caring people genuinely dedicated to the success of students by challenging their intellect; supporting their achievements and helping them realize their dreams.

Carroll College has, and always will hold a special place in my heart. As a student and a staff member, Carroll has provided me endless opportunities for self-discovery, personal growth, life-long learning, lasting friendships, professional experience, exploration of faith, strength of character and achievement of dreams.

I invite you to visit campus - experience Carroll College for yourself, to see exactly why you’ll love it here too!

Kaelynn Olsen

Kaelynn OlsenAssistant Director of Admission

Territory:  Helena, Transfer/Re-admit/Post-bac students and New students starting in the spring, and New and Transfer Nursing Admission

Phone: 406 447 4386

Why I think you'll love Carroll College

I think there are many reasons you will love Carroll, mostly because it has something to offer everyone.  We have amazing science programs, fantastic art opportunities, and enlightening lectures.  You can learn how to play quidditch, or cheer on a nationally ranked football team.  You can go hiking and mountain biking, or learn how to crotchet.  Take in a movie or stroll the boutiques.  The possibilities are endless!  Chances are that you will meet several other students and maybe a professor who will want to tag along.  Carroll’s small campus provides an amazing family environment perfect for nurturing your mental, physical, and spiritual growth.  Here at Carroll you will build relationships that will last a lifetime, leave with phenomenal memories, and gain an education that will lead you to endless opportunities.   

Come for a visit and you’ll never want to leave, I know I haven’t.

Michelle Lewis

Michelle LewisDirector, International Admission and Student Services

Territory: International Students & US citizens living abroad, Eastern Seaboard (ME, VT, NH, MA, NY, RI, CT, PA, NJ, DE, MD, WV, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL)

Phone: 406 447 5406

Why I think you'll love Carroll College

The campus and the Helena community are beautiful and very safe; our fantastic location in the Rocky Mountains means fresh air, blue skies and lots of opportunities to hike, fish, ski and snowboard.   The people are very welcoming and friendly; many students are engaged in incredible volunteer and social justice projects and the faculty go out of their way to help students. As you compare colleges and universities, keep in mind Carroll’s small classes and friendly atmosphere. The value and the quality of education that you receive is recognized in our rankings. You will actually get to know your professors, which is so important for going on to graduate or professional study since recommendations are a large part of the graduate and professional school admissions process.

Stephen Schmidt

Stephen SchmidtAdmission Counselor

Territory: Eastern MT, Western MT, Utah, Wyoming
Phone: 406 447 5575

Why I think you’ll love Carroll College

Carroll College is incredibly unique not only because of the size or Catholic identity, but because of the people here. The Carroll family welcomes everyone with many different interests and beliefs. The students and faculty help each other out and are exceptionally friendly. With the combination of the community and the small size, you are not just a number here getting lost in a crowd of people. You are part of the Carroll family.

Throughout my four years as a student at Carroll, every professor I had knew me by name. My first eye-opening experience of this was just after a couple weeks into the semester, I ran into my chemistry professor while I was skiing, and he greeted me by name. I had similar experiences throughout my journey at Carroll.

The community of staff and students here create an atmosphere at Carroll which not only challenges but supports you during your time as a student. It soon becomes your home for learning and making special memories. I hope to see you on campus soon! You will see for yourself, how authentic the Carroll experience is and how it can enhance your college experience.

Elizabeth Zimmerman

Elizabeth ZimmermanAdmission Counselor

Territory: California, Northern Midwest (MN, MI, IA, WI, IL, IN)

Phone: 406 447 5482

Why I think you'll love Carroll College

From my very first visit, I knew Carroll was a place where I could belong. I remember showing up early for my tour and being told that we could grab a quick lunch in the cafeteria until our tour time. While sitting in the cafeteria with my mother, the current President of the college stopped by and asked if he could join us for lunch. Just like that, I felt had been accepted into the Carroll College community. And that is what Carroll truly is, a community that will accept you with no question!

At Carroll, you will find staff and faculty dedicated to providing an education second to none. You will be challenged, you will be encouraged and you will be inspired! You will find life-long friends and create memories that will not fade. Take the opportunity to visit Carroll College! Stand on the steps of St. Charles, look out around the surrounding campus and I bet you will fall in love with it – just as I did!

Kaycee Gillespie

Kaycee GillespieAdmission Counselor

Territory: Southern Idaho, Central Montana, Southwest U.S. (TX, NM, AZ, HI), and Central U.S. (ND, SD, NE, KS, OK)

Phone: 406 447 4336

Why I think you'll love Carroll College

I think you’ll love Carroll College if you are curious by nature and open to trying new things. Carroll is a welcoming community dedicated to cultivating intellectual discovery and personal development. Class sizes are small so your professors will know you by name and you won’t get lost in the crowd. Throughout your time at Carroll you will be exposed to a variety of experiences. Whether it be an engaging classroom discussion or a first-time backpacking trip, there is always something going on and someone willing to try it with you!

Helena may be small but it has a lot to offer. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains there are hiking trails right within the city limits. There’s culture, live music, and outdoor activities galore. The possibilities really are endless! If I had to choose one word to describe Carroll it would be authentic. Carroll College is more than an academic institution. It’s a family that will encourage you, challenge you, and stay with you for a lifetime! This is ultimately why I think you’ll love Carroll. I hope you decide to come and visit us to see it for yourself!

Connor Smith

Connor SmithAdmission Counselor

Territory: Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho

Phone: 406 447 4423

Why I think you'll love Carroll College

A strong feeling of community permeates life at Carroll College that extends into the city of Helena. Montana, for all of its size and vast open spaces feels like a “huge small town” where one can find friends and neighbors either a couple blocks down the street or few miles down the road. This community draws highly educated and hard-working (but fun-loving!) faculty and staff to Carroll College. The faculty and staff have a desire rooted in genuine loving-kindness to teach and support the highly motivated and other-oriented Carroll College student body. As a student you will find it easy to become whatever you want here – and your peers and professors will help you do just that.

Folks are here at Carroll College because they love it here, and what is not to love! Campus is beautiful, and the student body takes a strong sense of pride and ownership in its beauty. The campus shines like a jewel in the "crown of the continent", the Rocky Mountains. You will find opportunities to fish, hike, boat, float, hunt, bike, swim, run, ride, ski, board, and sled all within an hour of campus! I hope you can come see that beauty for yourself and discover a part of Montana to love and call your own.