Carroll College, Helena Montana


Testing through the ARC will be available on the following schedule:

Monday - Friday, 10:30am-12:00pm and 2:30-5:00pm

Any testing done outside of those regular hours will be allowed only at the discretion of the Director of the ARC, Kevin Hadduck.  Expect that this will happen rarely.

Please use the ONLINE TEST-SCHEDULING system-->( 

The ARC will handle testing for the following students and situations:

  1. Students with disabilities who need extra time and a quiet location, when those accommodations cannot conveniently or easily be handled by the professor and student without the assistance of this office.  Students who may not be documented as eligible for accommodations may, nonetheless, take tests through the ARC at the request of the professor, if the professor knows that the student suffers some challenge, like significant anxiety, for instance, which would make testing under normal conditions extraordinarily difficult.
  2. Athletes, debaters, musicians, for instance, or other students who must miss an exam in order to participate in a game, performance, conference, or other school-sanctioned event.
  3. Students who are or were ill or injured or otherwise delayed by an emergency of the sort that the school traditionally recognizes as basis for an excused absence from an exam.

ARC Test Scheduling

REMINDER: Cell phones, other electronic devices, book bags, hats, and coats must be checked in with the test proctor before tests begin. 

The ARC director will provide proctors for all exams.  Most proctoring will be done by student proctors, whom the ARC Director will train.  However, students and proctors will not be left without assistance if serious conflict or confusion arises in the testing room.