The Academic Resource Center provides tutoring in many subjects. Tutors work in the ARC Tutoring Center (112 Borromeo Hall) during set hours of each week, and tutoring is mainly done on a walk-in basis.  Tutors are also available by appointment.  Contact tutors via Carroll College student email. 

ARC Tutoring Schedule

 BIO/CHEM:  Sarah Lapierre, Tony Rosales, Emily Ross, Briar Voy

Sun-------Briar: 6pm-8pm  (Bio, Chem, O-Chem, A & P)

Mon-------Emily: 2pm-4pm (Bio, O-Chem, Biochem, Microbio)

              Sarah:  6:30pm-9pm (Bio, O-Chem, Chem)

Tues------Tony: 5pm-7pm (Chem, O-Chem, P-Chem, Quant)

               Sarah:  6:30pm-9pm (Bio, O-Chem, Chem)                                             

Wed-------Emily: 2pm-4pm  (Bio, O-Chem, Biochem, Microbio)                       

Thu--------Tony: 8pm-Closing (Chem, O-Chem, P-Chem, Quant)


MATH:  Ryan Armstrong, Alex Chopyak, Mark Griffith, Ian Kessler, Kiersten Utsey (Kenish Himsl by appointment)

        Mon--------Mark:  2pm-5pm,  Alex:  6pm-9pm

        Tues-------Alex:   1pm-3pm,  Kiersten:  3pm-5pm,  Ryan:  6pm-8pm

        Wed--------Mark:  2pm-5pm,  Ryan:  6pm-9pm

        Thurs-------Kiersten:  2pm-5pm,  Ian:  6pm-10pm

STATISTICS:  TBA (see course professors)

WRITING:  Ruth Lerum, Jay Bouchard, Jamie Broaddus, Alex Gaiser, Abby Centola 

Sun---------Alex:  1pm-4pm

Mon­­­­­­­­­­­­---------Ruth: 3:30pm-5:30pm,  Jay: 6pm-9pm 

Tues--------Abby: 3pm-5pm,  Alex: 5pm-6pm,  Jamie: 6:30pm-8:30pm 

Wed---------Ruth:  3:30pm-5:30pm,  Jamie: 6:30pm-8pm 

Thu----------Abby: 2:30pm-4pm,  Jay: 5:30pm-6:30pm 


BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (Contact via email)

ACCT: Laticia Howell

A & P:  Ryan Edens, Briar Voy                     

ECON & FIN: Alicia Booth, Laticia Howell, Jalen Pfau 

FRENCH: Nicole Broden, Ibrahima Niang                           

GIS: John Appleby 

HISTORY: Alex Gaiser (or see Writing sched, above) 

PHYSICS: Mark Griffith (or see Math sched, above 

SPANISH:  Cristina Beldarrain 


*Most tutors are available by appointment also.  Contact tutors via CC student email 

Or contact Kevin Hadduck, ARC Director x4504,  khadduck@carroll.edu