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Disability Services

Disability Services

The purpose of the disability services office is to create equal access for students with disabilities to the full college experience in and out of the classroom. In order to ensure that students with disabilities can experience and enjoy equal access throughout their college career, faculty, staff, and administrators are provided with guidance and training regarding their specific roles.

This office will provide a “level playing field” for students who, due to disability, face an extraordinary challenge to their learning processes or otherwise to their ability to enjoy the full college experience. An appropriately accommodated student will face the same academic standards as any other student and will otherwise be treated as any other student is treated.

If you believe that you need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability, please contact Kevin Hadduck, in order to discuss your specific needs and to determine a reasonable accommodation plan. Contact Kevin Hadduck in the Academic Success and Disability Services Office, Borromeo Hall Room 115 (x4504; 406-447-4504;


The list of accommodations, below, is not meant to be exhaustive.  Through consults with each student and assessment of the student's disability documentation, the ARC director will build an accommodation plan that suits the particular needs of the individual student.

Accommodations: Tests

We provide testing services for students with disabilities that include an alternate testing site and test proctors.

  • Extra time for tests
  • Quiet test taking
  • Test reader
  • Scribe

Accommodations: Lectures/Classes

  • Preferential seating
  • Note takers
  • Lecture recordings
  • Note taking with laptop

Accommodations: Other

  • Electronic textbooks
  • Parking Pass
  • Alternative Seating (Chair, desk, etc)

Students with Disabilities

In order to receive support services for a disability, you will need to fill out our application and include thorough and up-to-date documentation of the disability.

Application for Support Services for Students with Disabilities

Office Hours

8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Location: Borromeo Hall, Room 115

Office Administrator

Kevin Hadduck, Director
Academic Resource Center (ARC)
Borromeo Hall, Room 115
Carroll College ext. 4504


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