Carroll College, Helena Montana


The Courses

ROTC courses prepare students to become future leaders in the U.S. Army. Students learn Army values and develop leader attributes, skills and actions. Students perform course work in the areas of Military Knowledge, Military Skills, and Professional Military Education (PME).

The Military Science Department's courses teach Military Knowledge and Military Skills. Other college departments teach courses meeting the PME requirements, which include oral and written communication, understanding the human aspects of command, military history, and the application of various computer programs. These courses, which are required for completion of the ROTC program, are annotated in the Cadet Handbook.

The Basic Course

The ROTC program is divided between the Basic Course and the Advanced Course. The Basic Course consists of Freshman and Sophomore classes. Any student may take any Basic Course or physical fitness classes without pre-requisite or military obligation.  You will learn basic miliary skills, the fundamentals of leadership and start the groundwork toward becoming an Army leader.

The Basic Courses includes:

  • MSL 101 The American Defense Establishment
  • MSL 102 Introduction to Military Science
  • MSL 201 Military Skills
  • MSL 202 Individual/Team Military Tactics
  • MSL 315 Drill and Conditioning (every semester)

The Advanced Course

Only qualified, contracted ROTC cadets may take Advanced Course classes during the last two years in college. This course normally includes one elective class and lab each semester in addition to physical training and field training expercises, plus Cadet Leadership Course at Fort Knox, KY during the summer between Junior and Senior years. Not only will Cadets who complete both courses commission as an Army Officer, they will graduate with a degree in leadership.

The Advanced Course includes: 

  • MSL 301 Individual Leadership
  • MSL 302 Military Strategy and Tactics
  • MSL 303 Leadership Laboratory (2 semesters)
  • MSL 401 The Army Officer: Roles and responsibilities
  • MSL 402 Ethics and Justice in the Army
  • MSL 404 Advance Leadership Practicum (2 semesters)

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2015 Commissioners

The ROTC program at Carroll has seven graduating seniors in 2015. Five of those cadets have taken their oaths of appointment on May 15 and have become commissioned officers in the United States Army. Those cadets include Eric Blake, Riley Grogan, Ryan Liberg, Heather McKasson and Andrew Wilmoth. 

Graduating cadet David Lightner commissioned this summer following his training at Fort Knox. Jordynn Whitlock is graduated in December and her commission was in December as well on campus.

ROTC Grads