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The ROTC Program

ROTC courses are categorized as a Basic Course (Freshman and Sophomore courses) or Advance Course (Junior and Senior courses). Any student may take Basic Course and physical fitness classes without military obligation or prerequisites. Advance Course classes are limited to qualified contracted students (see Commissioning Requirements in the Highlights box). 

Typically, ROTC students take one three-credit class (2 to 3 hours per week), one workshop/leadership laboratory per week, and one overnight field exercise per semester in addition to their other classes. ROTC students also participate in physical fitness training (5 hours per week). The program provides opportunities to attend confidence-building courses during the summer such as the Air Assault or Airborne Schools, and summer internships, as well as nursing internships.

ROTC (Military Science) is neither a major nor a minor. All cadets who seek a commission must graduate with one of Carroll College's recognized majors. Cadets may enroll in a minor program if they choose, as well as take other elective classes.

In addition to classes, cadets participate in one weekend Field Training Exercise, or FTX, each semester. During this FTX, cadets will practice squad tactics, land navigation, and other important cadet training in a forested area. Other students enrolled in Military Science may participate in the FTX if they chose. The FTXs are completed with our Army ROTC host school at the University of Montana GRIZZLY BATTALION


 (Photos above: (left) a cadet crosses a rope bridge during a biannual FTX (right) Carroll cadets flown to their training site) 








Cadets also participate in Color Guard for school functions such as home football games and graduation as seen in the picture (right). Cadets learn to march and to salute with a weapon.










The cadets also work cannon crew for the Carroll home football games.  Cadet Blake (right) fires the cannon during one cold November football game.  Cadets and cadre working on cannon crew can also be seen doing push-ups for every Carroll touchdown.









Cadets also plan and conduct a formal military dining out each Spring semester. Senior cadets (now commissioned officers) shown right, enjoy the 2012 annual dining out ceremony.   








Every fall semester, contracted and eligable cadets can participate in a competition known as Ranger Challenge.  This regional competition against other Army ROTC programs in the area, tests the teams on events such as land navigation, weapon disassembly, and ruck marching.  The cadets right, are shown crossing a rope bridge over a large trench during the 2011 competition in Montana.







The Basic Course

Aviation PictureThe ROTC program is divided between the Basic Course and the Advance Course. The Basic Course consists of Freshman and Sophomore classes. Any student may take any Basic Course or physical fitness classes without pre-requisite or military obligation.

The Basic Courses classes are:

  • MSL 101 The American Defense Establishment
  • MSL 102 Introduction to Military Science
  • MSL 201 Military Skills
  • MSL 202 Individual/Team Military Tactics

The physical fitness class is:

  • MSL 315 Drill and Conditioning (every semester)


The Advance Course

Only qualified, contracted ROTC cadets may take Advance Course classes:

  • MSL 301 Individual Leadership
  • MSL 302 Military Strategy and Tactics
  • MSL 303 Leadership Laboratory (2 semesters)
  • MSL 401 The Army Officer: Roles and responsibilities
  • MSL 402 Ethics and Justice in the Army
  • MSL 404 Advance Leadership Practicum (2 semesters)

Advance Course cadets must also complete Leadership Development and Assessment Course (5 paid weeks at Fort Lewis, WA, during the summer between Junior and Senior years.)



After the successful completion of ROTC requirements and graduation, Cadets commission as 2nd Lieutenants in the US Army. Cadets have the option of going into Active Duty, the Army Reserves, or the National Guard. Stipulations do apply. Contact MAJ Barnicoat for more information regarding commissioning options.

The seven 2LTs (right) are shown cutting the cake following their commissioning ceremony Spring 2012.