Carroll College, Helena Montana

Program Schedule

Schedule of Dates and Program Topics


Sep 14-15, 2012        Introduction to the program / topic: Theological Reflection 

Oct 12-13, 2012         The Bible’s story 

Nov 9-10, 2012           Christology 

Nov 30-Dec 1             Ecclesiology/Role of laity 

Jan 18-19, 2013         Sacraments 

Feb 15-16, 2013         Church history 

Mar 15-16, 2013         History of the Church in the U.S. 

Apr 12-13, 2013         Liturgy



Sep 13-14, 2013          Fundamental Ethics 

Oct 11-12, 2013           Marriage and Family Ethics 

Nov 8-9, 2013              Social Ethics 

Dec 6-7, 2013              Canon law 

Jan 24-25, 2014           Reading Paul 

Feb 21-22, 2014          Understanding Thomas Aquinas 

Mar 21-22, 2014          Philosophical Questions

Apr 12, 2014               Reflection/Closing (with the Bishop)


What is a typical schedule for each weekend Session?

Each weekend program begins on Friday evening with dinner. If you show up late, that's okay. We'll try to make sure you can grab something to eat. But, by all means, arrive by 7pm for the start of our teaching time. The weekend concludes by 4pm on Saturday. Participation in evening and morning prayer is optional. It is specially geared towards those who can arrive early enough for Friday dinner or Saturday breakfast and are done with their meal in time to participate in this.

Below is a pretty typical schedule for each weekend session.


5:45-7:00         Dinner

6:30-7:00         Evening prayer

7:00-8:00         Lecture

8:00-8:15         Break

8:15-9:00         Lecture



8:30-9:30         Breakfast

9:00-9:30         Morning prayer

9:30-10:30       Lecture

10:30-10:50     Break

10:50-12:00     Lecture

12:00-1:00       Lunch

1:00-2:00         Lecture

2:00-2:20         Break

2:20-3:30         Lecture

3:30-4:00         Room cleanup / instructor meets with students enrolled in a Carroll College course