Carroll College, Helena Montana


Program Instructors

We have some great instructors lined up for the 2012-2014 Pastoral Ministry Program. Nearly every one has taught in this program in the past, and each one brings a unique style and touch to the sessions.

Dr. Brian Matz

In addition to serving as your fearless leader and director of the 2012-2014 program, Dr. Matz teaches the church history and social ethics topics in the program. Dr. Matz holds two Ph.D.s, one in early Christian history and the other in social ethics. He regularly publishes on early Christian social ethics and on the theological controversies in the early Middle Ages.

Mr. John Fencik

In addition to serving the Diocese of Helena as its director of educational ministries, Mr. Fencik is really passionate about one of the more important things in life, Notre Dame football. (Can you blame him?) More seriously, though, Mr. Fencik draws on a long career in education and educational leadership to help us appreciate the work of the Church in our modern day. In addition to teaching on that topic in the program, he also teaches on the topic of the history of the Catholic Church in the United States. 

Dr. Chris Fuller

Do you love films? Do you love reading popular literature? Do you enjoy thinking about religious themes and ideas in popular culture? Then, Dr. Fuller is your kind of teacher! This guy is all over the map when it comes to his interests, but what ties them together is a fascination with how religion and popular culture impact patterns of behavior and our religious imagination. Oh, and he also holds a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from the Graduate Theological Union at Univ. of Calif. - Berkeley. Dr. Fuller teaches a course on the Bible's story and a course on the writings and ideas of Paul in the New Testament. 

Dr. Beth Haile

Dr. Haile spends part of each of her days contemplating the Thomistic virtue of selecting Huggies over Pampers every time she changes her daughter's diaper. The rest of her days are spent caring for her Dallas Mavericks-obsessed husband and even then still finds times to teach the fundamental ethics and marriage and family ethics topics in the program. She earned a Ph.D. in Moral Theology from Boston College. She publishes and lectures in the area of body image, eating disorders and the potential connection of these topics to the writings of Thomas Aquinas!

Dr. Alan Hanson

[A bio of Dr. Hanson is forthcoming].

Fr. Ed Hislop

[A bio of Fr. Hislop is forthcoming].

Fr. Leo Proxell

Pastor at Holy Rosary Parish in Bozeman. Fr. Proxell kicks off our 2012-2014 program with an introduction to theological thinking and forming one's religious imagination, both of which are key to a successful ministry in a church setting.

Dr. John Ries

If you can pronounce "Kierkegaard," then you and Dr. Ries already have some common interests. Dr. Ries earned a Ph.D. in Theology and specialized in something called philosophical-theology. This means he likes to talk about how you talk about God, and also why we talk about God. Dr. Ries teaches courses on Christology and sacraments.

Dr. Mark Smillie

[A bio of Dr. Smillie is forthcoming].