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Theology at Carroll College

The Theology Department at Carroll College is dedicated to teaching Christian theology in the Roman Catholic tradition. Through a variety of course offerings, faculty and students explore the nature of the Christian faith, the biblical and intellectual heritage of the Christian faith, and how this heritage has informed and continues to inform Christian belief and practice. The goal of this theological inquiry is three-fold: (1) to help students understand the particularity of Catholicism in relation to the broader Christian tradition, (2) to consider important questions about the role of the Christian faith in contemporary culture, and (3) to provide students with a solid knowledge of and appreciation for different faith perspectives.

Two Concentrations

Theology majors may select one of two concentrations: systematic (doctrine) or contextual (application of doctrine to cultural and social issues). Students may also work with faculty to design an original, customized interdisciplinary study program.

A solid foundation

Carroll's Theology Program provides a solid foundation for further study in graduate programs around the country. Theology graduates have pursued advanced research in theology and other fields at such prestigious institutions as the Harvard Divinity School, Union Theological Seminary, Fordham University, University of Notre Dame, Weston Jesuit School of Theology, Iliff School of Theology, and the Gregorian University in Rome.

Diverse religious backgrounds

Carroll’s theology majors derive from diverse religious backgrounds. This diversity enhances the learning experience for all theology students. Modest class sizes allow students the opportunity to establish close relationships with their professors. Access to instructors who take the time to know their pupils and invest genuine concern for their futures augments the Carroll learning experience and encourages future success.


“Instead of studying how we live, theology studies why we live.”

Borromeo Pre-Seminary Program

Sponsored by the Bishop of Helena, the Borromeo pre-seminary program is a program for men at Carroll College who are exploring the call to priesthood in the Catholic Church. The program includes spiritual formation, academic formation, community life, and apostolic work. The process focuses on human growth and maturity in the context of an integrated Christian life-style.

No specific major is required for students in the Borromeo pre-seminary program. In accordance with the program of Priestly Formation, seminaries require candidates to have an adequate background in the liberal arts, including a minimum of twenty-four (24) semester credits in philosophy. The program of Priestly Formation-and Carroll College-encourage a strong liberal arts education.

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10 reasons

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  1. Commitment to academic excellence
  2. Small class size
  3. Undergraduate research opportunities
  4. Community Involvement
  5. Faculty dedicated to students
  6. Post-graduate success
  7. The great outdoors is your backyard
  8. Numerous study abroad opportunities
  9. Opportunities for internships
  10. Professors that know you personally


Theology graduates are ideally prepared for graduate school in theology as teachers, priests, ministers, or laity involved with educational institutions or in fostering and encouraging religious beliefs and values in their communities. Many Theology students pursue a major in a second field (such as English, philosophy, languages, history, political science, sociology, and others) to broaden their career options and possible fields for graduate study.