Carroll College, Helena Montana

Degree Requirements

Theology Major Requirements

All majors are encouraged to double-major but must complete 34 credit hours (11 courses and a Thesis/Research paper) in Theology, distributed as follows: 

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Click here for a downloadable list of Theology Major requirements.

I. Theological Foundations

  • Core Requirement: TH 101: Theological Foundations

II. Areas

  • 1 Scripture (TH 231: Introduction to the Old Testament or TH 236: Introduction to the New Testament)
  • Catholic Fundamentals (TH 201: Church and Worship or TH 220: Fundamentals of Morals or TH 216: Violence and Atonement)
  • 1 Catholic Social Teachings (TH 261: Wealth and Poverty or TH 263: Modern Catholic Social Teaching or TH 264: Theologies of Liberation)
  • 1 History of Christian Thought (TH 341 or TH 342 or TH 343)
  • 1 Systematics (TH 352: Christology or TH 353: Trinity in Christian Life)
  • Seminar (TH 495)
  • Honor’s Thesis or Research Paper (1 Credit; TH 499 or TH 496)      

III. Electives

  • 4 Electives in any area(s) of theology: 12 credits; 9 credits must be taken within the Theology department, namely, with a “TH” prefix

IV. Other Requirements

  • 1 year language or pertinent intercultural courses in Theology or Philosophy. Approved intercultural courses are as follows: TH 211: Comparative Religion; TH 245: Eastern Christian Traditions; TH 264: Theologies of Liberation; TH 258: Theology and Gender; TH 212: Medieval Women Mystics; PHIL 203: Fundamentals of Islam; PHIL 223: Asian Philosophy; PHIL 261: Philosophy of Gender

 V. Additional Notes

  1. Students may double up on classes to fulfill the Intercultural requirement. For instance, if students take Theologies of Liberation as their 3 credits in Catholic Social Thought, they may use it also as fulfilling their intercultural component.
  2. 9 of the 12 elective credits must be from within the Theology classes. For instance, students may fulfill 3 credits of the Intercultural requirement through Philosophy while receiving elective credit toward their Theology major. If, for instance, a second course is taken outside the major that counts toward the Intercultural requirement, it will count toward that requirement but not toward the Theology elective. 
  3. Students must choose upfront whether they will fulfill their "Other Requirements" through either Intercultural Component classes or through LANG. If, for instance, the student chooses LANG, the student will be expected to complete the year of LANG. Same with the intercultural track.
    • Please also note that the LANG requirement should be fulfilled at the appropriate level. If a student tests out of a first year language, and the student decides to take the language route in Theology, the student must complete the second year of the language.

 See Department Chair for appropriate course substitutions due to conflict or study abroad.



Theology Minor Requirements

All minors must complete 18 credit hours distributed as follows:

Click here for a downloadable list of Theology minor requirements.

I. Theological Foundations

  •  Core Requirement: TH 101 Theological Foundations

II. Areas and Electives 

  • 1 Scripture (TH 231 Introduction to the Old Testament or TH 236 Introduction to the New Testament)
  • 4 additional electives
  • At least one of these electives must be a 300-400 level Theology course

 See Department Chair for appropriate course substitutions due to conflict or study abroad.