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"Explore the Deep" (Duc in Altum)

"Explore the deep" is our restatement of Pope John Paul II's call to "go out into the deep" (duc in altum) and illuminate the gospel. Any such outward illumination depends on a movement inward and an illumination of the same to ourselves: that we know and understand what we believe.  To quote Augustine, "Something that is believed but not known has not yet been found..." (On Free Choice of the Will). 

The Theology Department at Carroll College is dedicated to teaching Christian theology in the Roman Catholic tradition. Through a variety of course offerings, faculty and students explore the nature of the Christian faith, the biblical and intellectual heritage of the Christian faith, and how this heritage has informed and continues to inform Christian belief and practice.

The goal of this theological inquiry is three-fold: (1) to help students understand the particularity of Catholicism in relation to the broader Christian tradition, (2) to consider important questions about the role of the Christian faith in contemporary culture, and (3) to provide students with a solid knowledge of and appreciation for different faith perspectives.

A Solid Foundation

Carroll's Theology Program provides a solid foundation for both deepening one's faith and for further study in graduate programs around the country. Theology graduates have pursued jobs and careers in fields other than theology, including the medical sciences, politics, and education. They have also pursued advanced research in both theology and other fields at such prestigious institutions as the Harvard Divinity School, Union Theological Seminary, Fordham University, University of Notre Dame, Weston Jesuit School of Theology, Iliff School of Theology, and the Gregorian University in Rome.

Why does theology allow for such a diverse set of options? Instead of studying how we live, theology studies why we live.


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"Something that is believed but not known has not yet been found..."



Studying Theology at Carroll College will help you to:


  1. Broaden your intellect
  2. Learn how to learn
  3. Deepen your faith
  4. Engage your tradition
  5. Understand your culture
  6. Reflect on why we live
  7. Serve in love


Theology graduates are, of course, prepared to pursue training as teachers, priests, ministers, lay-workers, and they are positioned well for any further academic study in which they might want to engage. However, the study of theology can benefit many more than those interested in continuing their education in the subject specifically. The major is just as concered with those who want to "explore the deep" of faith in conjunction with other professional aspirations. In fact, Theology students are encouraged to pursue a major in a second field to broaden their career options, and the major has recently been altered to make this option more viable. Students have double-majored in pre-med, education, philosophy, and political science, to name a few.