Carroll College, Helena Montana

Degree Requirements

Degrees available in Theatre at Carroll College

Theatre studies at Carroll College reflect the spirit of Liberal Arts Studies which encourages a broad base of knowledge and an open mind with a spirit of inquiry. To serve that viewpoint we offer two degree programs: A Major and a Minor, both of which are designed to be student-centered, as is our co-curricular production program.

The major is designed with flexibility and student selected options, this enchance scheduling and allows students to pursue individual interests, and works well for students seeking to double major.

The minor consists of 6 THT courses over the course of 4 years (8 semesters) and 2 credits of practicum from working in the co-curricular production program. This allows training and experience, and most importantly involvement for a wide variety of Carroll College students.

Theatre Major Requirements

Major in Fine Arts:  Theatre - Forty- Eight semester credits

 I. Major Program Requirements:     Nine classes/Twenty-seven semester credits

  • THT 104-108 Theatre Practicum(1-2)  3 credits total
  • THT 111 Introduction to Acting
  • THT 121 Stagecraft
  • THT 160 Improvisation
  • THT 223 Costuming
    or THT 321 Sound and Stage
    or THT 322 Scene Design
    or THT 323 Lighting Design
  • THT 318 History of Theatre I
  • THT 319 History of Theatre II
  • THT 403-404 Theatre Projects
  • THT 426 Survey of Drama

II. Theatre Electives: Fifteen semester credits from the following classes:


  • THT 118 Theatre Appreciation
  • THT 150 Introduction to Arts Management
  • THT 208 Stage Combat
  • THT 212 Acting Advanced Methods
  • THT 220 Scenic Art
  • THT 221 Stagecraft 2
  • THT 223 Costuming
  • THT 224 Stage Make-up
  • THT 304 Theatre Internship (1-3)
  • THT 311 Play Directing
  • THT 321 Stage and Sound
  • THT 322 Scene Design
  • THT 323 Stage Lighting

III. Additional Theatre or Fine Arts Electives
Six semester credits

  • Six additional credits chosen from any Fine Arts courses, designated by ART, MUS, or THT.
  • Courses also accepted: ENLT 423 or 223 Shakespeare ; ENGR 104 Engineering Graphics & CAD Applications

Theatre Minor Requirements

Minor Program Requirements
Twenty semester credits designated “THT” of which:

  • Six THT courses, (18 credits) of which at least two courses (6 credits) must be upper-division. (300 level or higher) 
  • At least 2 credits must be THT 104 Theatre Practicum, from participating in a Carroll College theatre production.