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Course Descriptions

THT: Courses in Theatre Arts

THT: Courses in Theatre Arts

THT 104-108 Theatre Practicum 1-2 Cr
Students can earn one to 2 credits each semester by participating in theatre productions as actors, directors, or technical personnel under the guidanceof qualified theatre artists. A minimum of 30 hours of participation is required for each hour of credit; enrollment and grading will be arranged at the end of each semester by the staff. Each semester.

THT 111 Introduction to Acting 3 Cr
This is an introduction to stage acting. This course is designed to free the beginning actor from tension and self-consciousness by becoming involved in exercises designed to develop concentration and imagination as well as interpersonal communication skills appropriate for stage performance. As a prerequisite to other acting classes, the course provides basic terminology and technique. Each semester.

THT 118 Theatre Appreciation 3 Cr
A course that aims to develop discerning audience skills through study of theatre in its different forms such as educational, community, and professional, as well as related performing media such as dance, vaudeville and comedy, and live popular musical performance. Emphasis is placed on learning the aesthetic basics of acting, design, interpretation, and performing
arts theory. This course also requires attendance from a menu of performance opportunities in Helena. Fall semester.

THT 121 Stagecraft 3 Cr
This is a practical course in stagecraft. This includes construction and design of scenery and properties, stage lighting and sound. Skills involve carpentry, painting, reading design plans, and methods of assembling the set on stage. Participation in current productions is arranged. Fall semester.

THT 150 Introduction to Arts Management 3 Cr
A course designed to give an understanding of the contemporary business of art-making in the U.S., emphasizing rural artists’ challenges. It will touch on related career opportunities and the skill-sets necessary for arts managers and artists. It will introduce students to practical experience in developing and applying some of these skills. This course will be offered in the fall semester of every year.

THT 160 Improvisation 3 Cr
This course will give practical knowledge and experience in improvisational theatre. Study will include Theatre games, and improvisational exercises developed by Viola Spolin and by the Mark Taper Forum. Coursework will develop skills in American Mime, juggling, voice and body movement, and animal images. Fall semester.

THT 212 Acting: Advanced Methods 3 Cr
This is the study of roles and scenes with emphasis upon character analysis and development, as well as styles of production, such as Greek, Elizabethan, Commedia and Restoration theatre. Prerequisite: THT 111. Spring semester.

THT 220 Scenic Art 3 Cr
A practical course offering instruction I the materials, tools and techniques of scenic artists, as well as a look at the history of scenic art. The majority of class sessions will be spent on scene painting techniques and application. Students will learn common faux finish and mural techniques and paint two pieces of scenic art, architectural and environmental. No prerequisites: Fall semester, even-numbered years.

THT 221 Stagecraft II 3 Cr
A course in more advanced stagecraft techniques. Areas of focus will be stage machinery, rigging systems, sound and lighting systems. Skills will include welding and steel construction techniques, lighting and electrical safety, and construction management skills. Participation in current productions is arranged. Spring semester, even-numbered years.

THT 223 Costuming 3 Cr
This is a practical course in the theory, art, and practice of costuming. Besides studying the evolution of clothing styles throughout the ages, eachstudent, after learning how to read and follow a pattern, will build an article of clothing. Fall semester.

THT 224 Stage Make-Up 3 Cr
By completing a series of make-up projects, the student will learn the principles and techniques of applying make-up: realistic and non-realistic; two-dimensional and three-dimensional. In addition, the student will study facial anatomy, the aging process, and the principles of light and shadow as they apply to stage make-up. Spring semester, even-numbered years.

THT 304 Theatre Internship 1-3 Cr
An intensive “hands-on” learning experience designed to fit the individual student’s vocational and avocational goals. Each student will be given major responsibilities in the areas of technical theatre, stage management, directing, house management, promotion and publicity, box office, etc., under the tutelage of the professional staff at Helena’s area theatres. Consent of instructor is required. Offered fall, spring, or summer term under special arrangement. A written report is due upon completion of the internship. The grade will be assigned by the professional at the area theatre. Fall semester, even-numbered years.

THT 311 Play Directing 3 Cr
A practical course in the principles and techniques of bringing a play from the page to the stage. The course provides step-by-step practice in how to approach the play, how to find its dramatic values, and how to direct the production with these aims in mind. Prerequisite: THT 111; THT 212; consent of instructor. Fall semester.

THT 318 History of Theatre I 3 Cr
The story of the theatre beginning with its origins in the rituals of primitive man through the cultural explosion of the Renaissance. In addition to the text, several plays representative of the major theatrical ages will be read for insights into how the physical stage, the styles of acting and production, and theatrical convention influenced the dramatic literature of the various periods. Fall semester, even-numbered years.

THT 319 History of Theatre II 3 Cr
A continuance of the story of the theatre, from the English Restoration and through its objective imitation of nature at the end of the 19th century, to its return to subjective reality and ritual in modern times. In addition to the text, several plays representative of the major theatrical ages will be read for insights into the physical stage, the styles of acting and production, and theatrical convention influenced the dramatic literature of the period as well as the modern theatre. Fulfills Writing Intensive requirement. Spring semester, odd-numbered years.

THT 321 Sound and Stage 3 Cr
This course gives focus on two key functions in theatre: Stage Management and Sound Design. This course features discussion and practical application in both areas. The first eight weeks are spent on Stage management theory. Students who complete this class are eligible to serve as stage managers for Performing Arts productions. The last 8 weeks of the semester are spent on Sound Design, and students will create a show design recording. Prerequisite: THT 121. Fall semester, odd-numbered years.

THT 322 Scene Design 3 Cr
This is a practical study of the scenic design process. The course focuses on drafting skills, theatrical design formats, research for scenic design and model building. Prerequisite: THT 121 or consent of instructor. Fall semester, odd-numbered years.

THT 323 Stage Lighting 3 Cr
This is a practical study of the lighting design process. The course leads the student step-by-step from script analysis through plotting a finished design. Individual areas of exploration include light and color theory, electricity, and lighting instrumentation and control systems. Prerequisite: THT 121 and THT 322. Spring semester, even-numbered years.

THT 348 History of Film 3 Cr
An overview of the history of film from its beginnings in the late 19th century through its exciting growth into the most popular performing art of this century, including a study of film’s social impact, stars, directors, business management history, and recent video revolution. The course will also offer weekly viewing selections of many of the great films of cinematic literature. Spring semester.

THT 403-404 Theatre Projects 1-3 Cr
An opportunity for qualified theatre students to participate in Carroll College theatre productions as primary designers. Under the guidance of the instructor, the student may direct or design the set, costumes, or lighting for a full-length play. Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor. Offered each semester by arrangement.

THT 426 Survey of Drama 3 Cr
For advanced students, this course will confront issues in world theatre. Areas to be covered include dramaturgy, criticism; play writing, dramatic theory, and the avant-garde. Contemporary and historical writers will be covered. Additionally students will study the parallel development of art and physics. Spring semester, odd-numbered years.