Carroll College, Helena Montana

Degree Requirements

Minor in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

This interdisciplinary minor will prepare students to teach English to speakers of other languages in domestic and international settings and
is a complement to other Carroll majors such as English, French, Spanish, history and others. The TESOL minor integrates
appropriate Carroll courses in a program that offers American and
international students another practical, marketable field of study.

Program Requirements
CO 325 Intercultural Communication or an approved study
ENLE 332 English Grammar
ENLE 333 History of the English Language
LL220 Introduction to Linguistics
TESL 394 Methods of Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language

Other Program Requirements
Modern foreign language study equivalent to two years experience. Six credits though additional foreign language study is highly encouraged.

Suggested general education core:
AN/SO 204 Cultural Anthropology (Global Diversity)
AN 317 Ethnic and Social Relations (National Diversity)
HI 251 Introduction to East Asia
HI 271 History of Modern Latin America (Global Diversity)
TH 206 Comparative Religion
ENLT 334 World Literature (required for English majors) (Global Diversity)
PHIL 203 Islam: Philosophy and Culture (Global Diversity)