Carroll College, Helena Montana

Course Descriptions

Courses in TESOL

CO 325 Intercultural Communication   3 cr
Study of the relationship between culture and communication in everyday life. Students will consider the nature and place of cultural practices in social life and will examine the influence of features of culture (world views, values, beliefs) on communication encounters. Students will examine topics related to diversity and social justice, such as ethnocentrism and stereotyping. Prerequisite: CO 101. Fall even-numbered years. Fulfills National Diversity requirement or Global Diversity requirement, but not both.

ENLE 332 English Grammar  3 cr
This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the emphasized. Three lectures per week plus two hour seminar. Preemio of traditional grammar, it also focuses on both structural and transformational grammar. Topics include parts of the simple sentence, word classes, the structure of phrases and clauses, sentence types, aspect, mood, voice and style as well as the strengths and weaknesses of particular kinds of grammatical description. Prerequisite:  ENWR 102 and ENLE 200. The ENLE 200 prerequisite is waived for TESOL majors of junior and senior status. Fall semester, even-numbered years.

ENLE 333 Introduction to the English Language  3 cr
The study of the origins, development and linguistic structures of Indo-European languages as cultural phenomena. Special attention is devoted to the linguistic, semantic and cultural history of the English language as it has evolved from an obscure Germanic tongue to a prominent world language. Topics include the design features of language, linguistic variation, phonology, morphology, syntax, lexis, semantics, pragmatics, and the major historical forms of English. Prerequisite:  ENWR 102 and ENLE 200. ENLE 332 is strongly recommended. The ENLE 200 prerequisite is waived for TESOL majors of junior and senior status. Spring semester.

 LL 220 Introduction to Linguistics  3 cr
An introductory course in the basic concepts and methodology of linguistics (phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, and psycholinguistics).  May be used for National Diversity or Global Diversity requirement. 

TESL 391 Tesol Methods and Applications: Listening and Speaking  3 cr
The course provides students with analysis and applications of TESOL methods. Students will develop their own methods in preparation for teaching both listening and speaking skills. Students' methods will be integrated within the framework of a syllabus that includes instructional activities examined in class. Fall semester, odd-numbered years.  Fulfills Global Diversity requirement.

TESL 392 Tesol Methods and Applications: Reading and Writing  3 cr
The course will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of TESOL methods and techniques. Students develop their own methods and materials for teaching TESOL techniques to cross-cultural students. Spring semester, even-numbered years.  Fulfills Global Diversity and Writing Intensive requirement.