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Spanish Program at Carroll College

What to Expect

The Spanish Program is committed to providing students with the skills needed to communicate clearly in both formal and informal settings. While learning and developing language skills, students are introduced to, and expected to think critically about, global issues, social awareness, current events and cultural production (literature, film, art, food, music and theater). Students are immersed in the language and culture and should complete the program feeling confident in their ability to speak, read, and write in Spanish. They also have a broad understanding of Latin American and Spanish history, culture and contemporary social issues. Carroll's Spanish program offers small class sizes of 20 or less students and provides an opportunity for close communicative engagement with fellow students and faculty.

Life After Graduation

A degree in Spanish can create great career opportunities for students who are bilingual and culturally competent. In addition to occupations that are readily identifiable with a degree in Spanish such as teacher, medical professional, translator and interpreter, this degree can provide students with an edge in entering careers in business, international relations, government, media, human and social services, library and information science and the travel industry.

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All Spanish majors must spend 4-6 weeks in a country where Spanish is spoken.


As a biology major and gender studies and Spanish minor, Megan McInnis of Bozeman, Mont. (Class of 2015), has extended her interest and knowledge in these subjects to better both our local community in Helena as well as our global community. She has volunteered at the Florence Crittenton Home, interned at Exploration Works and both worked and volunteered for Family Outreach. After experiencing a life-changing two-week mission trip to Guatemala her junior year, Megan has decided to pursue a master’s in maternal and child health at Boston University and serve in the Peace Corps following graduation.