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Spanish Program at Carroll College

The Spanish Program is committed to a humanizing language education. Students are immersed in the language to ensure proficiency and practicality in speaking, reading, and writing.

Carroll's Spanish classes carry 20 or less students per session, providing an opportunity for total immersion in the languages. Spanish language students at Carroll will explore the geography, literature, and cultural history of nations associated with the Spanish language; develop an understanding of linguistic foundations; and achieve conversational and technical fluency in the language.


A degree in Spanish or another foreign language can create great career opportunities for students who are bilingual.  In addition to occupations that are readily identifiable with a degree in Spanish such as teacher, medical professional, translator and interpreter, this degree can provide students with an edge in entering careers in the following professions:  business, government, media, human services, library and information science and the travel industry.

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10 reasons

to choose carroll college for spanish

  1. Commitment to academic excellence
  2. Small class size
  3. Enhances cognitive development
  4. Community Involvement
  5. Faculty dedicated to students
  6. Post-graduate success
  7. The great outdoors is your backyard
  8. Numerous study abroad opportunities
  9. Provides alternative sources of information and perspective - it broadens your world!
  10. Professors that know you personally

Study Abroad

All Spanish majors must spend 4-6 weeks in a country where Spanish is spoken.