Carroll College, Helena Montana
Carroll Sociology Students


Sociology at Carroll College

What to Expect

The goal of Carroll’s sociology major is to provide students with the analytic tools needed for delving beneath the surface of everyday reality and perceiving the deeper meanings and structures that constitute the social world. From social problems like poverty and racism, to issues revolving around ethnicity, gender, age, and law—these topics all intersect in the sociology major. The Department of Sociology endeavors to integrate students’ study of sociology with Carroll’s broader and publicly articulated goals. As a department within a distinctly Catholic liberal arts college, we are committed to honoring students’ search for “Ultimate Truth” and highlighting the ethical ramifications of what students learn in the classroom about society.

Life After Graduation

Sociology graduates are often sought after for their analytical and empirical skills. The main fields that Carroll sociology graduates explore are Human Services, Government, Research, and Education. Those who go into Human Services may become social workers, gerontologists, hospital or nursing home administrators, lawyers, and Non-profit Administrators. Those who go into Government Service may work for the Department of Justice or Corrections, Policy Analysis, labor relations, or City/Urban/Regional Planning. Those who work in Research and Education usually work in population or economic analysis or teach, do academic research, become school counselors or work in administration. About 20-25% pursue graduate school within 5 years of graduating. Carroll’s sociology graduates have attended notable schools such as Saint Lawrence University, University of New Hampshire, John F. Kennedy University, and University of Montana.


Sociology majors often intern at places like the Helena Food Share or God’s Love-Homeless Shelter as well as for the Department of Justice or with juvenile probation offices.