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Secondary Education at Carroll College

What to Expect

To be licensed to teach in secondary school in Montana (grades 5-12), a student must complete either a broadfield major or a major and a minor.  Students interested in a broadfield major or a major and a minor should contact not only individuals within the elected department, but must seek additional counsel from an advisor within the Department of Education:  Health, Physical, and Teacher.  They must be accepted into the teacher education program. 

Broadfield majors are:

Secondary education majors are:

Secondary education minors are:

Please see the Carroll Course Catalog for more information regarding our minors. Note: our two most popular minors for Secondary Education are Reading and Special Education.

During many of your student teaching placements, professors will coach you while you are in the classroom. You will spend over 600 hours in the classroom during your four years at Carroll. The professors within the department have diverse expertise and are involved in various endeavors that promote education. They are researchers and educators who share their insight and experiences in the classroom and in the field. They are here to help you succeed.

In Montana, students can receive a Class II Teaching Certificate (grades 5-12) by completing the following three requirements: (1) completion of a bachelor’s degree; and (2) completion of an accredited professional educator preparation program in an area approved for endorsement in Montana; and (3) completion of a supervised teaching experience either as part of an accredited professional educator preparation program or one year of teaching experience in a state accredited elementary and/or secondary school district.

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Carroll College Portfolio Process
Appendix A: Department Conceptual Framework
Appendix B: Dispositions, Skills and Knowledge 
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Life After Graduation

  • Teach in public or private schools
  • Develop strong teaching skills that would aid in any profession for which education and training is required


Our curriculum is designed to develop the whole student. Students get many opportunities to experience the classroom and develop skills that will result in a job as a skilled professional.