Carroll College, Helena Montana
Carroll College Chemistry Students


Chemistry for Secondary Education

Major Program Requirements

  • CH 101-102 General Chemistry
  • CH 205  Quantitative Analysis
  • CH 301-302 Organic Chemistry
    Two additional upper division Chemistry courses

Other Program Requirements

  • MA 121  Differential Calculus
  • PHIL 252  Philosophy and History of Science

One additional two-semester course from the following list:

  • BI 171-172  Biological Principles I & II 
  • PHYS 201-202  Physics I and II
  • PHYS 205-206  Engineering Physics I and II

Professional Education Requirements

  • AN/SO 218  Introduction to Native American Studies
  • CS 103  Instructional Media and Technology
  • ED 102  Foundations of Education
  • ED/PSY 229 Educational Psychology
  • ED 245  Diversity Field Experience
  • ED 305 Classroom Management
  • ED 318  Content Area Reading and Secondary Methods
  • ED 346  Teaching Science in the Secondary School
  • ED 405  Education Seminar
  • ED 410  Student Teaching
  • ED 412  Measurement & Assessment in Teaching
  • PSY 228  Adolescent Psychology 
    or PSY 203 Developmental Psychology
  • SPED 300  Introduction to Exceptional Children
  • United States and contemporary world cultures course

Acceptance into the Teacher Education Program and Student Teaching

Teacher Education Program:  Individuals pursuing academic programs that lead to teacher licensure must seek admission to the teacher education program by the end of their sophomore year.

Student Teaching:  In the spring semester of the junior year, all preservice teachers must seek admission to student teaching.


  1. All Chemistry for Secondary Education majors must earn a grade of “C” or better in all major courses (Section I and II above). Students must pass prerequisites with a “C” or better to enroll in chemistry courses. 
  2. All Chemistry for Secondary Education majors must meet the following requirements: 1) earn a grade of "C" or better in all Professional Education Requirements, Major Program Requirements, and Other Program Requirements; 2) earn a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average; and 3) earn a minimum 2.65 grade point average in Major Program Requirements, Other Program Requirements, and Professional Education Requirements.
  3. See Secondary Education Requirements.