Carroll College, Helena Montana

Student Successes


* Elizabeth Moore,’91, Family & Community Manager at Head Start in Helena.
* Amy Nikolaisen, ’95, middle school counselor in Seattle.
* Kendra Baran, ’97, program coordinator at Synopsis, Inc. in California.
* Kathy Kinskey, ’95, marriage & family therapist at the Mental Health Corporation of Denver.
* Erin Rand, ’95, worked for the Peace Corps and is now working toward an MA in Women’s Studies at University of Washington.
* Shona Geier, ‘96, office manager for a doctor’s office.
* Vern Kramer, ’96, customs inspector for the US Treasury Department.
* Jeanne Ritterson, ’97, a grant writer for the Children’s Hospital & Clinics Foundation.
* Michael Wood, ’97, works at a diabetic research lab.
* Patrick Keane, ’97, a consultant in San Francisco working with commerce exchanging products in Japan.

Greatest Strengths

“One of the greatest strengths of the psychology department at Carroll is that the professors all have very different backgrounds and are all very willing to help you outside of class. They have all shown a dedication to providing us with the education and experiences we need to get into graduate school or find a job after Carroll.”
Ann Gillette, ‘02

The best part

"The best part of my experience at Carroll College studying psychology was the professors. I truly feel that Downs, Perkins, Hamilton and Holloway were dedicated to developing our understanding of the material and honing our skills for the future. Their passion was contagious."

-Kateri Chiu '99