Carroll College, Helena Montana

Sample Pre-Pharmacy Plan

Pre-Pharmacy two-year plan

Below is a sample pre-pharmacy two-year plan for the University of Montana Skaggs School of Pharmacy1. View the pre-approved prerequisite course equivalencies between UM and Carroll College.

Fall Year One Credits Spring Year One Credits
Alpha Seminar 3 General Chemistry II 4
General Chemistry I 4 Social Science Elective2 3
Biological Principles I 4 College Composition 4
Calculus I 3 Basic Communication 3
    Elective?3 3-4
Total credits 14 Total credits 14-18
Fall Year Two Credits Spring Year Two Credits
Organic Chemistry I 4 Organic Chemistry II  
Human Anat. and Phys. 4 Human Anat. and Phys.  
Microeconomics 3 Elementary Statistics  
Physics I 4 Elective?3 3-4
Total credits 15 Total credits 11-15

1Other pharmacy schools with very similar requirements are Idaho State, Minnesota, North Dakota State, South Dakota State, Utah and Wyoming. These schools may require some of the following additional classes for admission: Microbiology, Calculus II, Physics II

2must be PSY 105 or SO 101

3Although not required for admission to the University of Montana, taking Native American Studies along with any fine arts or theatre class will fulfill a UM graduation requirement and relieve course load later in the pharmacy program. UM encourages its students to have their electives done in the pre-pharmacy years as there is little room in the professional curriculum for electives.

AP Courses

Occasionally students meet Carroll's requirements for one of the courses listed above through high school advanced placement (AP) credit. These courses are listed on the students Carroll College transcript. It is important to note that the following courses are not acceptable at most pharmacy schools, including UM, when awarded as AP credit: all chemistry, biology and physics courses, basic communication (and at some schools, college composition).