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Carroll Pre-Medicine Pre-Dentistry Student

Pre-Medicine and Pre-Dentistry

Pre-Medicine and Pre-Dental at Carroll

Admission to medical or dental school requires completion of courses in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and English. While most premedical students graduate from Carroll College with a degree in biology, the choice of a major field of study is left open to the student.

The following are recommended minimum requirements:

  • BI 171-172 Biological Principles I & II
  • BI 281 Genetics
  • CH 101-102 General Chemistry
  • CH 301-302 Organic Chemistry
  • CH 353 Biochemistry
  • PHYS 201-202 Physics I & II
  • MA 121-122 Differential and Integral Calculus
  • MA 315 Probability and Statistics
  • SO 101 Introduction to Sociology (For medical school)
  • PSY 105 General Psychology (For medical school)
  • Completion of Humanities, English/Composition courses required within the Carroll College Core Curriculum
  • BI 382 Cell Biology (Required by some medical schools)
  • BI 214 or 305 Microbiology (Required by some dental schools)

Students are encouraged to consult with the pre-medical advisor or pre-dental advisor for other coursework that may be of value and for a description of experiences that are important to have prior to applying to these professional programs.

Three years or four years?

In almost all cases, students enter medical or dental school after completing a four-year undergraduate program. Occasionally, highly qualified students enter after three years. A student who enters medical or dental school after three years of undergraduate study may receive the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in biology from Carroll College under the following conditions:

  1. Successful completion of the first 3 years of course work in the major program.
  2. Fulfillment of all Carroll College Core Curriculum requirements.
  3. Successful completion of the first two years of professional school.
  4. Application for degree and receipt by the Registrar’s Office of an official transcript from the professional school.

Questions? Contact:

Dan Gretch, Ph.D.
Pre-medical advisor

Sam Alvey, Ph.D.
Pre-dental advisor

Recent graduates are currently attending Medical
or Dental School at:

University of Washington (WWAMI)
Mayo Medical School
Oregon Health Sciences University
University of Colorado
Creighton University
University of Iowa
Pennsylvania State University
Georgetown University
University of North Dakota
Chicago Medical School, Rosalind Franklin University
Pacific Northwest University
Rocky Vista University

Eye on Alaska: Carroll Biology Alum Kamey Kapp

Working in the frigid cold of Alaska's northern terrain, Kamey Kapp (class of 2004) commutes from one Eskimo village to the next carrying more than 350 pounds of equipment. She is the only full-time practicing optometrist in the Norton Sound region which spans hundreds of miles.

“Of 36 years of students, Kamey is one of a handful whom I wish I could claim as a daughter,” says Dr. John Salzsieder, a professor of physical chemistry at Carroll. “Kamey isn’t simply making Carroll proud by being very successful professionally. She embraces life with energy and fearlessness that I envy—her adventures overlapping each other.”

This sort of personal connection between professor and student is exactly what Kapp was seeking when she decided to make Carroll her alma mater. Story »