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Whether your goal is a career in law, politics, Foreign Service, teaching or journalism, Carroll’s Department of Political Science will provide the training necessary to prepare you for your future. With excellent professors, courses that require students to develop their writing, critical thinking, and communication skills, and abundant opportunities to gain practical experience through Carroll’s legal and political internship programs, Carroll political science graduates are uniquely prepared for the demands of the professional world and the rigors of graduate studies or law school.

With an impressive 13-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio and modest class sizes, Carroll students enjoy the opportunity to establish close relationships with their instructors and receive individualized attention from professors, who maintain a keen interest in their students’ achievements. Carroll professors are committed to providing rigorous academic challenges in an atmosphere that values ethics and moral principles. You will emerge from Carroll prepared to lead and succeed in both your work and personal endeavors.  Check out facebook for the latest news from Carroll's Political Science Department!

Life After Graduation

A degree in political science can lead to many careers in federal, state and local governments; law; business; international organizations; nonprofit organizations; campaign management and polling; journalism; electoral politics and teaching. Specific career opportunities include Activist, Advocate/Organizer, CIA Analyst or Agent, City Planner, City Housing Administrator, Congressional Office/Committee Staffer, Coordinator of Federal or State Aid, Corporate Public Affairs Advisor, Customs Officer, Federal Government Analyst, Foreign Service Officer, High School Government Teacher, Immigration Officer, International Agency Officer, International Research Specialist, Legislative Analyst / Coordinator, Lobbyist, Policy Analyst, Political Commentator, Pollster, Public Affairs Research Analyst, Public Opinion Analyst, State Legislator, University Administrator and University Professor.


Governor Bullock gave a guest lecture to the Montana State Politics class during the spring semester of 2013.

Governor Bullock giving a guest lecture in Montana State Politics during spring semester 2013

2013 Grads

2013 graduates of the political science department are now in graduate school at Columbia University, the University of Oregon, the University of Montana, Gonzaga, and Wilamette. Other 2013 graduates have entered the workforce and are employed by firms and agencies such as Blue Cross and and Blue Shield, Toole County Sheriff's Office, and Montana's DEQ.

2013 Graduates

The political science department is proud to announce that the following students were inducted into Alpha Epsilon XI, Carroll's chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha, the national honors society in political science in May, 2013: Mary Beall and Ruth Ptak.   


Dr. Johnson recently contributed a chapter entitled, "Going Nowhere? Obama's Anti-Poverty Policy" that will appear in a forthcoming book about the Obama presidency. In recent months he presented a paper at the Department of Housing and Urband Development in Washington, D.C. entitled "Housing Vouchers:  A Case Study of the Partisan Policy Cycle" and at the Midwest Political Science Association Conference entitled,  "Market Mechanisms within Medicare: the Renewal and Recycling of an Idea in American Politics." He is currently completing a book manuscript provisionally entitled, The Republican Welfare State:  Social Policy Reinvention from Nixon to Obama. During the Christmas break, Dr. Johnson will conduct archival research at the Clinton library in Little Rock, Arkansas, the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA, the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, CA, and the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. 

Dr. Parsons Dr. Parsons is working on a manuscript tentatively titled Machiavelli's Gospel: The Critique of Early Modern Europe in the Prince. The book is scheduled to be published with the University of Rochester Press. In the past months, he has presented his work at the Pacific Northwest Political Science and Midwest Political Science Associations Confereces.  He is scheduled to present a paper on Machiavelli in Vancouver, B.C. , at the 2013 meeting of the PNWPSA.

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Good -To- Know

Gain practical work experience through the Political and Legal Internship Program.

Your writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills will be developed through the courses offered.

Diverse courses will give you experience in political science, history, theology, and philosophy.

Our law/graduate school placement record is outstanding.

Alumni Spotlight

Eric Henkel, Class of 2008
2011 Graduate of Montana Law School

Eric Henkel"The political science department at Carroll played an important role in preparing me for life beyond college. I strongly believe that my successes in law school are attributable to my Carroll education. The political science professors taught me how to critically analyze complex issues and, more importantly, how to clearly and concisely express that analysis through my writing. These are invaluable skills that continue to serve me well in virtually every aspect of my life. By challenging me to improve my writing, critical thinking, and communication skills, Carroll's political science department gave me a competitive advantage over my peers in law school."