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Political Science at Carroll College

What to Expect

Carroll’s Political Science program offers diverse courses that will give you experience in political science, history, theology, and philosophy. Whether your goal is a career in law, politics, Foreign Service, teaching or journalism, Carroll’s Department of Political Science will provide the training necessary to prepare you for your future. With excellent professors, courses that require students to develop their writing, critical thinking, and communication skills, and abundant opportunities to gain practical experience through Carroll’s legal and political internship programs, Carroll political science graduates are uniquely prepared for the demands of the professional world and the rigors of graduate studies or law school.

Life After Graduation

A degree in political science can lead to many careers in federal, state and local governments or in the private sector. Many of our students go on the law school.  2015 graduates of the political science department are now in graduate school at the University of Montana, the University of Wyoming, and Wiliamette University. Other 2015 graduates are working in places such as the Governor's office and Wells Fargo.

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Thanks to a generous grant from the Apgar Foundation, from 2015-17 Dr. Parsons is running a two-year program on Constitutionalism, Ancient and Modern. This includes guest lectures and thousands of dollars for student prizes and fellowships.  Learn more here.







Congrats to 2015 poli sci major, Lindsay Garpestad, who just won the Miss Rodeo Montana competition!