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Honors Thesis Abstracts

Honor Thesis Abstracts: Political Science

The Rural City Sustainability Challenge: Recycling Programs in Helena, MT and Moses Lake, Washington

Abstract:  Recycling programs are an essential part of waste management within a city, however, many rural and small cities have a difficult time implementing a recycling program.  Through a qualitative analysis of Moses Lake, Washington and Helena, Montana, I have studied the necessary components for a successful recycling program.  Education, participation, and costs are the three areas that must be addressed in order for a city to implement a sustainable recycling program.  Moses Lake, WA program, though only a year old in 2012, has all successfully achieved all three components.  The last chapter provides a public policy for Helena, MT modeled after Moses Lake, WA and the findings throughout the paper.

Alumni Spotlight

McCall Flynn
Class of 2012
Political Science

McCall Flynn

"I work as the Executive Assistant in the Governor's Office of Economic Development. Classes such as Montana State Politics, Elections, Political Parties, and Public Opinion, and Topics in American Politics helped me gain a better understanding of public policy issues, and how these issues travel through a legislative body. These courses in political science allowed me to develop my writing, critical thinking, and communication skills."