Carroll College, Helena Montana

Degree Requirements

Political Science Major Requirements

I. Major Program Requirements

Thirty-three semester credits of political science courses, including:
PO 100  Justice and the Just Society: Introduction to Politics
PO 102  Introduction to Comparative Politics
PO 104  American National Government
PO 115  International Relations
PO 495  Senior Seminar

Of the remaining 18 PO credits, at least 6 credits must be at the 300 level, consisting of courses located in at least two of the following three areas:

Comparative Politics and International Relations
PO 324  Topics in Comparative Politics of Industrialized Countries
PO 328  The Developing World
PO 342  War and Peace

American Politics
PO 310  Selected Topics in Public Policy
PO 312  Elections, Political Parties, and Public Opinion
PO 315  Congress and the Presidency

Political Theory
PO 330  Topic in Political Theory
PO 331  Classical Political Thought
PO 332  Late Modern Political Thought

II. Other Program Requirements

A. Foreign Language or Quantitative Analysis Option
Option I: Two consecutive semesters of foreign language. Those with previous language training are urged to begin at the appropriate level to fulfill the two-course requirement.

Option II: MA 207 Elementary Statistics and PO 306 Political Research Methods. Both courses assume a basic knowledge of algebra.

B. Writing Competence for Majors and Minors
The Political Science department expects its students to be able to write well. All majors and minors are required to take ENWR 302 Expository Writing or ENWR 305 Technical Writing.

Political Science Minor Requirements

l. Minor Program Requirements
Twenty-one semester credits of political science courses, including:

  • PO 100 Justice/Just Society
  • PO 102 Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • PO 104 American National Government
  • PO 115 International Relations

ll. Other program requirements

The Political Science department expects its graduates to be able to write well. Therefore, all majors and minors are required to take ENWR 203: Expository Writing or ENWR 305: Technical Writing.

Alumni Spotlight

Kelly Devlin
Class of 2008
2011 Graduate of University of Montana Law School

Kelly Devlin"Obtaining a degree in political science from Carroll College enabled me to succeed in law school.  The rigorous writing requirements at Carroll -- both frequent and demanding -- were a great preparation for law school, where well-honed writing skills are essential.  Carroll political science courses developed my communication and analytical reasoning skills as well.  I am grateful for this foundation in law school, where I am frequently placed outside of my comfort zone and asked to speak to large groups of people."

Senior Seminar

The political science Senior Seminar consists of student presentations and the discussion of scholarly articles that illustrate contemporary controversies in the discipline. In the spring, the seniors and faculty stage a public presentation based on the seminar topic for that year, with themes ranging from conspiracy theories in a Saturday Night Live format to a mock trial on the effects of globalization. Often, special guests—such as the president of Carroll College—take the stage, and impersonations of the famous or the Carroll faculty find a way into the script.