Carroll College, Helena Montana


Dr. Kelly Cline

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Associate Professor, earned his Ph.D. in Astrophysics from the University of Colorado. His research interests involve mathematical models of the sun. He takes a special interest in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling. During his free time he enjoys gardening, piano, and traveling.

Courses Taught: Engineering Physics, Probability and Statistics, Numerical Computing and Visualization, and Differential Equations and Linear Algebra  II.

Dr. Mary Keeffe

Mary KeefeAssociate Professor, received her Ph.D. from Cornell University. Her research interests include semiconductor surfaces and interfaces. She also enjoys astronomy, rock collecting, and working with stained glass.

Courses Taught: Calculus I & II, Astronomy, Engineering Mechanics I: Statics, Engineering Mechanics II: Solids, and Engineering Physics I & II.

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Dr. Anthony Szpilka

Tony SzpilkaProfessor, received his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Cornell University. His research focused on theories of structural and magnetic ordering in alloys and magnetic solids; other current interests include electronics, thermodynamics, and statistical physics.  He enjoys hiking, bicycling, and cooking, and serves as a reader and catechist at the Cathedral of St. Helena.

Courses taught:Engineering Physics I & II (Mechanics, Electricity & Magnetism), Electronics & Circuit Analysis I & II, Thermodynamics, Modern Physics, Complex Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Optimization

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