Carroll College, Helena Montana

Degree Requirements

Philosophy Major Requirements

I. Major Program Requirements
Thirty-six semester credits of philosophy, including the following:
PHIL 113 Formal Logic
PHIL 151 Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 202 Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 303 Modern Philosophy
PHIL 304 Contemporary Philosophy
PHIL 310 Metaphysics
PHIL 313 Epistemology
PHIL 315 Continental Philosophy
PHIL 324 Ethical Theory
PHIL 495 Philosophy Seminar
II. Other Program Requirements
1. A modern or classical second language through the intermediate level.
2. Successful completion of a comprehensive examination at the end of the student’s senior year. The philosophy examination consists of written answers to questions se-lected from a previously disclosed list and an oral discussion of the written answers.
3. Students who choose to graduate with honors prepare an honors thesis. At least the director or one reader must be from the philosophy department. The comprehensive requirement is waived upon successful completion of the thesis

Philosophy Minor Requirements

Minor Program Requirements
Eighteen semester credits of philosophy, including:
PHIL 495 Philosophy Seminar
and at least one course from among the following:
PHIL 310 Metaphysics
PHIL 313 Epistemology
PHIL 324 Ethical Theory