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Global Outreach

Global Outreach

2015 India Study Abroad

Over winter break 2015, 22 Carroll students and two faculty, Erin Kuntzweiler (Nursing professor) and Stephanie Pung (Admissions counselor), journeyed to Varanasi, India. The objectives were to provide healthcare service and immersion in the culture of Northern India.

Over the course of three weeks, the Carroll group volunteered at Mother Teresa's Ashram, Saraswathi Children's School, a leprosy colony, and completed ambulance runs into the slums as part of a malnutrition program associated with Varanasi's Children's Hospital. The students completed over 200 health assessments, provided medication to those in need and made human connections with those considered untouchable.

Students ate and cooked Indian food, shopped and bartered, participated in Hindu and Muslim festivals, listened to classical Indian music and song, practiced yoga, learned Bollywood dance moves and felt immersed and embraced by the culture and people of Varanasi.


3rd International Public Health Nursing Conference

Nuring in IrelandGoals for the trip:

  • Create international connections and collaborate with nurses from around the world
  • Focus on the health promotion aspects of nursing as well as learn about global health issues
  • Enjoy the wonders of western Ireland!

During August 18-29, 2013, Carroll nursing faculty Donna Greenwood led student nurses and nursing alumni on a study abroad experience in Ireland, highlighted by the 3rd International Public Health Nursing Conference on August 25-28.  Participants developed a personal vision, mission, and philosophy of nursing shaped by visiting Western Ireland, participated in an international nursing research conference, and collaborated with nurses from around the world.

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Nuring in IrelandVision:

Increased understanding of global health issues and the forging of international partnerships will positively influence the future practice of professional nursing.

Faculty Coordinator:  Donna Greenwood MSN, RN,; (406) 447-5493


Prerequisites for participating in this study abroad experience were formal acceptance into the Carroll College nursing program or Registered Nurse status.  This experience was available as a credited course of study (Nu321 International Public Health Nursing) for fall 2013.

There was also a course NU 389 International Nursing Collaboration offered in Spring 2013 with Professor Greenwood. Nu389 utilized forms of electronic communication to acquaint students with global public health issues and network with nursing colleagues around the world.

Nuring in IrelandGoals:

The Study Abroad experience (Nu321 if taking for credit) had three goals: 1) To explore the history, culture and environment of the Western region of Ireland, 2) To participate in a scholarly international public health nursing conference, and 3) To initiate on-going partnerships with international nurse leaders and nursing students utilizing guiding principles from international and national professional nursing organizations.

NU 321 Course Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Compare the meaning of the concepts: public health, public health nursing and primary care from other countries represented at the 3rd International Public Health Conference.
  2. Assess Western Ireland from a Public Health Nursing Perspective.
  3. Identify worldwide trends and issues in public health nursing.
  4. Identify nursing colleagues from at least three other continents for future collaboration as a student and as a practicing nurse.
  5. Integrate the learning from this study abroad experience into a personal vision, mission and philosophy of professional nursing practice.

Nuring in Ireland