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Why choose Carroll's Baccalaureate Nursing Program?

    Sim ManThe Nursing Laboratories at Carroll College are among the premier nurse training facilities in the nation. From the sophomore year on, Carroll's laboratory equipment and high-tech simulated patients-the most advanced available anywhere-allow students to experience the challenges nurses face in any treatment scenario, from patient assessment to labor and delivery to emergency situations. Yes, it's stressful, but studies show these simulated nursing experiences make graduates of the program less likely to experience performance anxiety once they are out in the real world of nursing. Our students also excel in nursing skills performance, from inserting an IV and installing tubes to catheter care. Challenge now builds confidence when it really matters.
    At Carroll, the faculty is our greatest strength, and nursing students can expect extensive personal attention and guidance from professors in the classroom, laboratory and clinical settings. A Carroll nursing education translates to an intensive internship in the profession. You will enter the profession prepared to succeed in the real world.
    Clinical experience begins in the 200-level nursing courses, so you can apply theoretical knowledge early and make sure this is the career for you.  Clinical occurs in diverse community settings, varying from Helena’s hospitals to public health, assisted-living, long-term care, home-visits, and psychiatric and school settings.  Each nursing course at Carroll provides quality, personalized learning experiences and experienced faculty.
    The department of nursing is fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). This accreditation guarantees you as the student that the program has to demonstrate rigorous quality indicators related to the curriculum including student success outcomes, evaluation, faculty qualifications and more. We are also fully approved by the Montana Board of Nursing and this designation is mandatory if you want to be eligible to take the licensing examination (NCLEX-RN) to become a registered nurse. These two indicators of quality is what you should look for in choosing a program.
    Skin Cancer PresentationBecause of our outstanding program and depth of training, Carroll nursing graduates possess the knowledge, maturity and clinical skills to be successful practitioners in a wide variety of health care settings. Graduates from a 4-year Baccalaureate nursing program have more career options upon graduation. In addition, Baccalaureate preparation makes a difference as studies show post-operative death rates are drastically lower in facilities with a higher percentage of 4-year nursing graduates on staff.
    Carroll's concentration on holistic health care means our graduates are prepared far beyond basic nursing skills. They emerge ready to take on the challenges of providing the broadest overall care for patients, with an emphasis on both prevention and treatment. Our graduates frequently enter community health professions dedicated to helping people enjoy long lifetimes of good health and shaping the future of U.S. public health policy.
    Alumni surveys of our 1- and 5-year nursing alumni reveal high employer satisfaction. As one employer recently puts it, "The Carroll grads seem to transition more effectively from the student role into work role. Their ability to put into practical application the theory learned is impressive." Or as another employer recently said, "Carroll College produces some of the best nurses I have ever had the pleasure of working with!"
    Because of their excellent critical thinking and communication skills honed through our broad liberal education, Carroll nursing graduates not only become top nurses but also rise to leadership and management positions in hospitals and other health care organizations. As one hospital administrator says, "I have worked with several Carroll College graduates-they seem especially prepared for roles which require additional responsibility and leadership."
    Carroll students enjoy prestigious internships at highly competitive programs, including the Mayo Clinic. These internships often translate to jobs upon graduation. Top hospitals like Seattle Children's Hospital eagerly recruit our nursing majors on campus, and Carroll nursing graduates enter the profession in excellent health care facilities nationwide.
    At the center of life and learning on the nursing floor is the Holistic Health Lab and Learning Center.  This space is dedicated to the learning and practice of holistic healing modalities for self care and enhancing the wellness of others.


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What are graduates saying?

Grads explain what they appreciated most about Carroll's nursing program:

Amazing dedicated teachers. Sense of family. Great clinical experiences.

I appreciated the professors as they all genuinely care about us as students and want us to be successful as nurses. I appreciate how the liberal arts are woven into the curriculum as I think this foundation will be fundamental to my practice as a nurse. I feel like I have definitely been challenged intellectually which has been great.

I greatly appreciate how we began clinical out within the community our first semester, just practicing therapeutic communication and interacting with people put me one step ahead once we began at the hospital.

I really liked how much clinical experience we had. Also, the professors strive to make this the best possible experience that they can for the students. You form really solid relationships here, and you really grow as a person.

I loved how my professors would willingly meet with me to discuss concerns or questions that I had; they were also concerned about how I was doing with everything, I feel that they approach teaching their students with a holistic approach, which is the perspective they teach us to have as nurses. I also really appreciated the "family" feel of the nursing floor, it definitely enhanced my experience!

I appreciated the patient focused care that we received not just the NCLEX answers to questions. Also the hands on experiences we received were very helpful.

The professors had real life experience, were dedicated to our learning and very approachable when I had questions. The labs were well stocked and very advanced which enabled us to work on advanced nursing scenarios.

The instructors are so willing to help. They are always available outside of class and they really try to develop a personal relationship with students. I love that we were able to start clinicals our sophomore year because I received more hands-on experience.

The nursing department is my second family.

I appreciate the fact Carroll has a more holistic approach to their teaching style. I feel it has helped me become more empathetic and accepting of different people and cultures. It has also given me the confidence to know what to do in a job situation if trouble should arise. I appreciate that Carroll nursing will always be behind me once I graduate from this program.

I appreciated the amount of hours spent at clinicals, senior scenarios, capstone, and high expectations put on us because it made us strive to be better. I also felt the professors genuinely cared for us, wanted us to succeed, and were available to us to answer questions.

Not being a #, but being an appreciated student in the program. Having my professors know my goals, aspirations and professional concerns.

I love how this nursing program focused on the patients as a whole. I really feel that I am prepared to care for people and not just their conditions.

I feel it has been a wonderful fit for me. Teachers take the time to provide me with the help that I need and are truly invested in their students. I have had many experiences over the past four years which make me sure that I made the correct choice.

I feel like I am walking out of Carroll with the education I was expecting and then some. I feel as if I was exposed to many different aspects of care and there was not only an emphasis on the science of nursing, but also on the "art" of nursing.

This program met my needs in several ways. First, I was very impressed with my clinical experience. I felt that I gained the knowledge and skills necessary to be a competent nurse in each setting. I also feel that I have a very wide and complete knowledge base to work from and to build on.

The care and compassion of all those working at Carroll. Clinical opportunities were incredible!

I appreciated the resources we had available to us. I think that the holistic lab was a great place to study and I feel that our labs are a great place to practice skills.

The extensive clinical experience and willingness of the staff to dedicate themselves to each and every student going through the program.

.. .In addition to the professors, the equipment that we utilize in the program is top-line and enhances the student knowledge. Hands on work really create a safe environment to make mistakes and learn. Great visuals, great strict curriculum that helps you take each step to the higher level of nursing.

My class is very close and we are like a family, instead of competitive classmates. We had access to a lot of clinical experiences, and we were able to do a lot of skills instead of just observing.

Hard?...yes; Stressful at times?...definitely. Worth it?...every minute. I believe that these challenges help us to develop into resilient nurses.

I have had such an incredible experience here. I never thought I was going to be a nurse in my wildest dreams and now I get excited thinking about how I can help the world and Carroll nursing helped me find that part of me.

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10 reasons

to choose carroll college for this program

  1. Spend time at the Montana State Prison (and other fabulous clinical learning sites)
  2. Tranquili-tea and treats to soothe the soul - the nursing office is students' favorite stop for hugs, water and other essentials
  3. Need a hand? We've got several and lots of other body parts for skills training
  4. We're the best place around for a "simulating" experience
  5. Best views of campus, city and Mount Helena (yes, Helena has an entire mountain as a city park) from our windows on 4th floor of Simperman Hall (plus you get a free workout!)
  6. Carroll's Nursing faculty put the FUN in fundamentals
  7. We've got sunshine on a cloudy day - nurture yourself in the Nursing Holistic Health Lab and Learning Center with SAD lights, biofeedback, comfy furniture and more!
  8. What do Professor Plum, Barney and Carroll College nursing students have in common? They all look great in purple!
  9. One more reason to ask your parents for an IPod Touch - our student nurses are using PDA technology to improve patient care
  10. Make friends with other nursing students while you do service learning and get involved with nursing at local, state and national levels through Carroll's vibrant Student Nursing Association (CCSNA)

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