Carroll College, Helena Montana

Nursing Activities


The Carroll College Student Nurses’ Association is the college chapter for the state and national Student Nurses’ Association.

CCSNA brings students together to help further the growth of nursing, providing opportunities for education, experience, service and fellowship. Attendance at state and national conventions allows students to have an active voice in the future of nursing.

Upcoming 2014-15 Activities

Shodair Children’s Hospital Christmas Gift Drive
A little before Thanksgiving we will put out boxes around campus to donate toys to the children’s psychiatric hospital in Helena. The gifts will be given to children who have to spend the holiday at the hospital who may not receive anything from their families. These gifts can be fun gifts like toys or essentials like t-shirts and undergarments.

CSSNA 2008-09The Carroll College Student Nurses Association is doing their part to give back to the Helena community. Each year the Carroll College Student Nurses Association, or CCSNA, holds a Christmas gift drive for Shodair Children's Hospital. CCSNA tries to collect as many items (clothing and toys) for the children in the hospital. Find out more about the 2014 gift collection.

Photo at right: CCSNA members continue their annual tradition of collecting Christmas gifts for the children and adolescents of the local Shodair Hospital.

Snack Sack Fundraiser
In the past CCSNA has sent out letters to parents asking if they would like to buy as snack sack for their child during finals week. CCSNA puts together snack bags and deliver them to the students. It is our main fundraiser for the semester. The funds are then used to put out snacks on the hospitality cart for students visiting the nursing floor and other activities we choose to do throughout the year.

Up ‘Til Dawn Nursing Team
We would love to get at least one team of 6 together to show our support and fundraise for St. Jude’s! Each member of the team has to raise $100 prior to the event but this is really not very hard! Ask 10 people for $10 and there ya go! Up ‘Til Dawn is November 15th from 12am-6am.

Special Olympics Basketball Tournament
Volunteers will be doing Blood Pressure, BMI, Nutrition Education, Hydration Station, Sun Safety, Tobacco-free Education for the Special Olympics Athletes! The Tournament is November 14th.

Involvement with MSNA (Montana Student Nurses’ Association)
CCSNA is a chapter of MSNA and can really make a difference for student nurses by becoming more involved. MSNA also connects us to the Montana Nurses’ Association (MNA)

Potential 2014-15 Activities

The Snowball is a dance organized primarily by the sophomore nursing class for the residence of Son Haven, an assisted living community in Helena. CCSNA can help out with decorations, getting the residences ready for the dance, or dancing with the residence. It is a pretty special night.

Self-Defense Class
This hasn’t been done before, but we thought it would be really great to have someone from the community come in to Carroll and give a self-defense class.

Talk on “How to Interview”
We’ve discussed bringing someone from the community in, possibly from St. Peter’s Hospital, to give a talk to student nurses on how to successfully interview for jobs.

Triage Obstacle Course
At the Montana Student Nurses’ Association Convention, they ran a “triage obstacle course” for those who attended and we would love to run one here at Carroll too!

Baby Shower for Florence Crittenton
CCSNA has hosted “baby showers” in previous years up in the lab with the SimMom which includes treats, drinks, and gifts. We could do this again this year and ask people to bring in things to donate to Florence Crittenton such as diapers, onesies, binkies, etc.! Florence Crittenton is a center which helps pregnant and parenting teens.

Med Math or Other Homework Help
In the past, CCSNA members have offered help for Med Math and other subjects. We would totally happy to start this up again if there is a want and a need!

Community Volunteering
CCSNA is also about giving back to the community and we have volunteered at different places in the community such as God’s Love and various nursing homes.

2014-15 Activities - So Far

Nursing T-Shirts
Nursing t-shirts are sold to any student on campus. They are a great fundraiser and it is fun to have something to show our pride in our wonderful nursing program here at Carroll! We have this year’s design ready and will be ordering them November 15th. A sign-up sheet will be put on the CCSNA bulletin board across from Terri John's office in Simperman.

Blood Pressure Drives
CCSNA can set up a booth at various campus or community activities offering blood pressure readings. Upperclassman can teach younger students if they don’t know how to take a blood pressure yet.

NAMI Walk:
Fundraiser for the National Association of Mental Illness. This is an excellent way to show our support for those suffering from mental illness and to raise awareness of this stigmatized part of health.

Floor Snacks:
Ya know all of those yummy goodies Terri keeps on the cart? Majority of those are supplied by CCSNA. We generally purchase them from Costco and then with a group of people, put them in bags for all you wonderful nursing students!

Faculty luncheons
CCSNA sometimes provides food and drink for nursing faculty meetings. The professors really appreciate it!




There were 21 nursing students inducted into Sigma Theta Tau International at an Induction ceremony and luncheon held on the Carroll College campus on Saturday, October 25, 2014. 

Zeta Upsilon Chapter was formed through the joint efforts of the nursing faculty at Carroll College and Montana State University School of Nursing to encourage and recognize superior scholarship and/or leadership achievement in nursing at either the undergraduate or graduate level in the state of Montana.

International Honor Society