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Nursing at Carroll College

What to Expect

Carroll’s nursing department is home to one of the Northwest’s top-ranked baccalaureate nursing programs and is considered one of the country’s finest. Carroll nursing students benefit from the program’s state-of-the-art facilities, clinical access, and a nursing staff known for professionalism and care. The nursing laboratories at Carroll foster hands-on learning that figures into the program in a meaningful way, preparing students for real-life scenarios. Clinical experience in Helena begins in the sophomore year and culminates with the “Captsone” project. Students also intern at places ranging from Seattle Children’s Hospital to the world famous Mayo Clinic.

Carroll nursing graduates are highly valued in the medical world and are enjoying success at many distinguished facilities across the United States. Furthermore, Carroll nursing graduates are consistently grateful for the quality of education and training offer to them by Carroll’s program.

Life After Graduation

Carroll nursing graduates possess the knowledge, maturity and clinical skills to be successful practitioners in a wide variety of health care settings. Graduates from four-year Baccalaureate nursing programs have more career options upon graduation. In addition, Baccalaureate preparation makes a difference, as studies show post-operative death rates are drastically lower in facilities with a higher percentage of 4-year nursing graduates on staff.

Carroll's concentration on holistic health care means our graduates are prepared far beyond basic nursing skills. They emerge ready to take on the challenges of providing the broadest overall care for patients, with an emphasis on both prevention and treatment. Graduates frequently enter community health professions dedicated to helping people enjoy long lifetimes of good health and shaping the future of U.S. public health policy.


Carroll students enjoy prestigious internships at highly competitive programs, including the Mayo Clinic. These internships often translate to jobs upon graduation. Top hospitals like Seattle Children's Hospital eagerly recruit our nursing majors on campus, and Carroll nursing graduates enter the profession in excellent health care facilities nationwide.




Nursing Class of 2014