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Mathematics at Carroll College

What to Expect

Studying mathematics at Carroll is a learning experience of the highest caliber. Small class sizes and program flexibility allow you to tailor your degree plan to your specific interests. We are passionate about the work we do; we will get to know you as freshmen and will work with you through your senior year to achieve your individual goals.

You will build your communication skills by presenting your course assignments individually and in teams, in writing and through oral presentations. You can practice what you learn in the classroom by participating in competitions like the Montana Mathematical Modeling Contest (MMMC), and the international Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) and its sister contest, the Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM).  These fun and intense competitions provide great opportunities for you to test your knowledge and ability to solve real world problems. Past Carroll students have excelled at these challenges and you can, too.

In order to develop expertise in an area of applied mathematics, Carroll math majors take courses to complete a cognate concentration in a field of interest. You can select from biology, business and economics, chemistry, computer science, engineering, environmental science, secondary education, or work with your advisor to develop a plan unique to your interests.

The Carroll math program has received numerous grants from the National Science Foundation to support its unique teaching approach, and has recently been awarded a grant from the W.M. Keck Foundation to revise its statistics curriculum. 

Life After Graduation

Some of the careers our math majors have pursued include: actuary, mathematician, network engineer, secondary math teacher, statistician or web developer. Recent alumni have completed graduate programs at MIT, University of Iowa, University of Colorado, University of Notre Dame, and Carnegie Mellon in applied mathematics, pure mathematics, engineering, and operations research. As you can see, a degree in math from Carroll can lead to a variety of careers.

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“I was well prepared for graduate studies. My Carroll courses gave me a very strong base in mathematics and computers, along with engineering classes. A lot of students in graduate school seem to have very particular backgrounds and they struggle more. In general, I have a broad background in lots of different things.” -Chris Gossard, Carroll class of ’98 (Mathematics), who also completed her Ph.D. (Civil Engineering) from the University of Oklahoma.


In three of the last seven years, Carroll College has had teams rated Outstanding Winner in the International Mathematical Contest in Modeling, placing them in the elite company of other school such as Harvey-Mudd, Harvard, MIT, and Duke. 

For each of the last seven years, Carroll has had at least one team rated Meritorious Winner, placing them in the top 13% of the world.