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Carroll provides an environment geared toward success: classes are small; the professors know you personally; the professors work with you one-on-one and want you to succeed.

Dr. Kelly Cline // Personal website

Picture of Dr. Kelly ClineAssociate Professor, earned his Ph.D. in Astrophysics from the University of Colorado. Those who reside in the Helena community have undoubtedly turned on their televisions, tuned into the local NBC affiliate, and watched Dr. Kelly Cline as he explores, examines, and explains astronomy on local news broadcasts. Famous for his packed public lectures on the same topic, what many people do not know is that Dr. Cline is not only an accomplishmed lecturer but also a gifted scholar and a world traveler. During the 2010-2011 academic year, Dr. Cline worked as a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Stirling's Department of Computing and Mathematics in Scotland while on sabatical from his position at Carroll. While in Scotland, Dr. Cline took his public lectures "global," presenting the world of astronomy to the Ochil Hills community and arousing the same kind of enthusiasm and praise he is met with in Helena. In continuing to work from the scholarly perspective on the pedagogy of classroom voting in mathematics, Dr. Cline's work reveals a new way in which instructors can keep their students engaged in course material. To support his research, Dr. Cline together with Dr. Holly Zullo landed a $180,000 grant from the National Science Foundation for their project titled "Project MathVote: Teaching Mathematics with Classroom Voting" from 2010 through 2013. Their work clearly demonstrates the important intersection of pedagogy and scholarship and will no doubt benefit faculty in and beyond their respective academic fields. During his time at the University of Stirling, Dr. Cline introduced the campus community to classroom voting while also overseeing the 2010 University Physics Competition, which involved 58 teams around the world.

We are lucky to have a colleague on Carroll's faculty who embodies the profession's dedication to teaching, research, and service and we look forward to his return in the fall of 2011. He also takes a special interest in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling. During his free time he enjoys gardening, piano, and traveling.

Courses Taught: Engineering Physics, Probability and Statistics, Numerical Computing and Visualization, and Differential Equations and Linear Algebra  II.

Dr. Jodi Fasteen

photo of Dr. Jodi Fasteen

Assistant Professor of Mathematics, received her B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science from North Dakota State University (2003), M.S. in Mathematics from University of Oregon (2006), and Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from Portland State University (2015).

Dr. Fasteen’s professional interests focus on the teaching and learning of mathematics at the undergraduate level.  Her research has focused on curriculum development and work with prospective and current K-12 teachers.  She also has a particular interest in statistics education and the development of interactive statistics curriculum for the undergraduate level.

Outside of school, Dr. Fasteen enjoys spending time with her children, exploring the outdoors, and all manner of building & crafting hobbies. 

Dr. Amanda Francis


Assistant Professor of Mathematics, earned her B.S. in Mathematics with an emphasis in Statistics from the University of Utah (2002), M.S. (2005) and PhD (2012) from Brigham Young University. 

Dr. Francis loves all things algebraic, especially abstract algebra, linear algebra, algebraic geometry, and spectral graph theory. She has also published research in mirror symmetry related to string theory and commutative Schur rings. She loves working with outreach programs including summer math camps, Saturday MathCircles, MathCounts, and other local and national mathematics competitions.   Recently, Dr. Francis has been involved in developing data science curricular guidelines, and is excited to be a part of Carroll’s upcoming program in data analytics.

Outside of work Dr. Francis enjoys relaxing with family, reading, running, and cooking. 

Dr. Eric Sullivan

Dr. Eric // Personal website
Assistant Professor of Mathematics, received his B.S. in Mathematics from Iowa State Univeristy 1998, M.S. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (2007), and his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Colorado Denver (2013).

Dr. Sullivan's mathematical interests include modeling of fluids in porous media using hybrid mixture theory, continuum mechanics, partial differential equations, and numerical methods for partial differential equations. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, biking, rock and ice climbing, kayaking, and generally being outdoors.

Dr. Ted Wendt

Associate Professor of Mathematics, received his B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science from Carroll College 2002, M.S. in Mathematics (2006), M.C.S. in Computer Science (2008) and Ph.D. in Mathematics (2008) from the University of Iowa.

Dr. Wendt’s professional interests include modeling collisions between deformable objects, partial differential equations, numerical methods, computer graphics, and computer simulations.  He is also a strong supporter of the Mathematical Contest in Modeling.  While his kids dominate most of his free time, he also enjoys reading, writing computer programs, playing sports, and being active outdoors.