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Mathematics at Carroll College

What to Expect

Concepts are threaded together in and between classes so that students have a deeper understanding of how different branches of mathematics are intertwined. Working individually and in groups, students are challenged to apply their knowledge to solve real world problems. In order to develop expertise in an area of applied mathematics, Carroll math majors take courses to complete a cognate concentration in a field of interest.

Students can select from biology, business and economics, chemistry, computer science, engineering, environmental science, secondary education, or work with their advisor to develop a plan unique to their interests.

Life After Graduation

A degree in Math from Carroll can lead to a variety of careers, which may or may not use math specifically but will require the ability to reason carefully and problem solve. Some of the careers our math majors have found themselves in include: Actuary, Mathematician, Network Engineer, Secondary Math Teacher, Statistician or Web Developer. Recent alumni have completed graduate programs at MIT, University of Iowa, University of Colorado, Notre Dame, and Carnegie Mellon in applied mathematics, pure mathematics, engineering, and operations research.

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Carroll’s newest concentration in the mathematics program is in actuarial science.  Actuaries use mathematical models to help make decisions about investments and insurance.  This is an exciting and rewarding career choice in a field that is rapidly growing. Currently, two students are interning at local firms, and the Society of Actuaries just approved our course work in support of Applied Statistical Methods.  For more information about this career path, visit






In three of the last seven years, Carroll College has had teams rated Outstanding Winner in the International Mathematical Contest in Modeling, placing them in the elite company of other school such as Harvey-Mudd, Harvard, MIT, and Duke.