Carroll College, Helena Montana

Degree Requirements

Minor in Latin American Studies

I. Minor Program Requirements
Twenty-two semester credits, including:
MLAS 200 Gateway Course in Latin American Studies
MLAS 495 Capstone Seminar in Latin American Studies

Plus 18 additional credits from these two categories:

Concentration Courses (12 credits)
ENLT 410 Women’s Literature: Latina/Chicana Writers
HI 271 History of Modern Latin America
PO 348 International Negotiation: Argentina
SP 105-250-350 Intensive Spanish Immersion
ENWR 363 Literary Translation
SP 301-302 Hispanic Short Story I and II
TH 264 Theologies of Liberation

Allied Courses (6 credits)
AN/SO 318 American Indians
SA 275 Study Abroad: Belize
BI 101 Life Science
FR 301 Francophone Literature
GEOG 202 World Regional Geography
PO 280 Intro. to Comparative Politics
PO 328 The Developing World
AN/SO 204 Cultural Anthropology
AN/SO 317 Ethic and Racial Relations
SP 304 Spanish Phonetics and Phonology
TH 210 Catholicism

II. Other Program Requirement
Completion of Spanish acquisition through the intermediate level.