Carroll College, Helena Montana

Course Descriptions

Stephanie Christensen at SURF
2016 graduate Stephanie Christensen presenting on her research in IR 495 about social
media and political extremism, in the Student Undergraduate Research Festival.

IR: Courses in International Relations

The IR major and minor are interdepartmental. Many course descriptions can be found on department websites for Political Science, Economics, History, Business, Communication, Philosophy and Languages.  The following are the courses taught only within IR.

IR 486 Readings and Conference 1-3 Cr
An informal seminar with selected readings and reports on particular aspects of international relations. Offered by arrangement. Prerequisite: Consent of program director and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

IR 492 Internship in International Relations 6 Cr
An internship with the Department of Commerce of the State of Montana; requires twenty (20) hours of work per week and must be arranged through the director of Carroll’s international relations program.

IR 495/PO 494 Research Seminar in International Relations 3 Cr
A formal seminar in which students concentrate on researching, writing, and evaluating major papers in international relations based on both primary and secondary source materials. Required for all international relations majors. Fall semester. Fulfills Writing Intensive requirement.

IR 499 Honors Thesis 1-3 Cr
In order to graduate with honors in international relations, a student is required to complete an honors thesis.