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International Relations

International Relations Program

International Relations is one of the hottest fields for young people emerging into the job market. Now more than ever, the global economy and international peace remain critical to everyone’s life, and a degree in International Relations from Carroll College will usher you into a career where you can be involved with such vital issues as globalization, diplomacy, international conflict, and human rights.

Whether you plan to start a career after graduation or continue your education in government, international law, international business, diplomacy, teaching, journalism, or another field, Carroll’s International Relations program will get you there. Employers and graduate schools seek students with the critical thinking and communication skills as well as knowledge of global politics, economics, history, and geography you will gain through Carroll’s International Relations curriculum. International internships, study abroad opportunities and honors thesis programs round out Carroll’s unique International Relations offerings that will boost you into the career or graduate school of your choice.

Student Learning Outcomes

International Relations is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide students with the undergraduate training necessary to pursue careers in international business, government, law, teaching, and other related fields. The primary goals of the program are to train generalists who have a sound foundation in technical skills (e.g., economics and foreign languages) as well as in the theory and history of International Relations.

These goals of vocation and enlightenment translate into four learning objectives with 14 learning outcomes. Specifically, the program will produce graduates who:

1. Possess a general knowledge and understanding of this interdisciplinary field 

  • Understand key terms and concepts in the major disciplines of the field
  • Recognize important theories and methodologies in the field
  • Convey a historical understanding of the field

2. Think analytically and critically 

  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze complex phenomenon in order to:
    • Identify problems
    • Creatively solve problems
  • Utilize research methodologies associated with the various disciplines in the field

3. Communicate effectively 

  • Write clearly and effectively
  • Speak clearly and effectively
  • Collaborate effectively

4. Are prepared for successful graduate study and professional careers 

  • Appreciates differing cultural perspectives
  • Is skilled in a second language
  • Comprehends the interrelationships of disciplines
  • Conducts independent, rigorous research

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10 reasons

to choose carroll college for this program

  1. A specific major in International Relations, not a concentration as is the case in many colleges
  2. An interdisciplinary program which fosters systematic thinking across different areas of knowledge
  3. Small class size and professors that know you personally
  4. Faculty dedicated to students
  5. Post-graduate success
  6. Numerous study abroad opportunities
  7. The great outdoors is your backyard
  8. A great intellectual environment
  9. Commitment to academic excellence
  10. Undergraduate research opportunities


 A degree in International Relations can lead to many careers in federal, state and local governments, law, business, international organizations, nonprofit organizations, journalism, and teaching. Specific career opportunities include: Foreign service officer; CIA analyst or agent; international lawyer; federal policy analyst; congressional office/committee staffer; Homeland Security officer; customs officer; immigration officer; international agency officer; international research specialist; legislative analyst / coordinator; lobbyist; think-tank analyst; political commentator;  public affairs research analyst; manager/officer for international banking or business firms; and, university professor.