Degree Requirements

Health and Physical Education with an Area of Concentration in Sport Management Major Requirements

I. Major Program Requirements
Thirty-two credits, including:
Two HPE 101 or 102 Physical Education Activities Courses (Must be different activities)
HPE 103 Foundations of Health & Physical Education
HPE 135 Introduction to Wellness
HPE 200 Field Experience in HPE
HPE 234 Sports Nutrition & Conditioning
HPE 325 Applied Anatomical Kinesiology
HPE 350 Responding to Emergencies
HPE 405 Senior Seminar
HPE 410 Management of Health and Physical Education Programs
HPE 413 Exercise Physiology & Human Performance Testing
HPE 415 Internship (six credits)
II. Other Program Requirements
BI 102 Human Biology
ENWR 301 Business Writing
or ENWR 305 Technical Writing
or ENWR 306 Writing for the Media
MA 117 Difference Equations and Linear Algebra
Sport Management Concentration
Twenty-four (24) credits, including:
BA 203-204 Principles of Accounting
BA 306 Marketing
BA 313 Managerial Finance
BA 375 Fundamentals of Management
COXXX Advanced Communications
EC 201 Principles of Economics
EC 202 Principles of Economics
Suggested electives for Sport Management:
BA 301-302 Business Law I and II
CO 108 Desktop Publishing
CO 215 Intro to Public Relations
CO 225 Professional Communications
CO 280 Gender Communication
CO 310 Mass Media
CS 213 Computer Applications in Business
HPE 340 Coaching Certification (ASEP) and Sport Management Techniques
PHIL 207 Business Ethics
ART 114 Photography