Carroll College, Helena Montana

Degree Requirements

Health and Physical Education (K-12) Major Requirements

I. Major Program Requirements
Two HPE 101 or 102 Physical Education Activities Courses
(Must be different activities)
HPE 103 Foundations of Health & Physical Education
HPE 109 Techniques of Basic Skills in Physical Education
HPE 135 Introduction to Wellness
HPE 214 The School Heath Program
HPE 216 Methods of Teaching Health
HPE 234 Sports Nutrition & Conditioning
HPE 301-302 Methods and Techniques of Teaching Fall/Spring Activities
HPE 314 Physical Education - Elementary School Teacher
HPE 325 Applied Anatomical Kinesiology
HPE 350 Responding to Emergencies
HPE 413 Exercise Physiology & Human Performance Testing
II. Other Program Requirements
BI 102 Human Biology
III. Professional Education Program Requirements
AN/SO 218 Introduction to Native American Studies
CS 103 Instructional Media and Technology
ED 102 Foundations of Education
ED/PSY 229 Educational Psychology
ED 245 Diversity Field Experience
ED 305 Classroom Management
ED 318 Content Area Reading and Secondary Methods
ED 405 Education Seminar
ED 410 Student Teaching
ED 412 Measurement and Assessment in Teaching
PSY 227 Child Psychology
and PSY 228 Adolescent Psychology
or PSY 105 General Psychology
and PSY 203 Developmental Psychology
SPED 300 Introduction to Exceptional Children
United States  and contemporary world cultures course(s).
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1. All students are required to meet the quantitative and qualitative requirements for graduation from Carroll College as listed in this catalog.
2. All HPE (K-12) students must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average. All Professional Education Requirements, Major Program Requirements, and Other Program Requirements must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.
3. See Seconday Education Requirements.

IV. Acceptance into the Teacher Education Program and Student Teaching Program
Teacher Education Program: Students pursuing academic programs that lead to teacher licensure must seek admission to the teacher education program by the end of their sophomore year.

Student Teaching Program: In the spring semester of the junior year, all  teacher education candidates must seek admission to the student teaching program.