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History at Carroll College

What to Expect

Carroll’s history department aims to provide all Carroll students with an appreciation for history so that they may have a clearer understanding of the society—locally as well as globally—within which they live. The department also strives to provide students with the appropriate knowledge and skills so that they may pursue professional careers in the field of history and history-related areas. The History Department offers a broad range of courses in European, American, East Asian, Middle Eastern, African, and Latin American history. Lower-division course offerings include the History of Western Civilization, the Ancient Mediterranean, Medieval History, Nineteenth-century Europe, and the History of the United States, These courses provide the foundation for students who wish to pursue professional careers in history and history-related fields. We also teach a significant number of upper-division courses, including Gender History, the Second World War Era, and 20th-century US history, which enable our students to obtain an increasingly sophisticated knowledge of history. Required capstone courses for history majors include Historiography and Research Seminar, where students write an original research paper.

Life After Graduation

Carroll history graduates are prepared to work in a variety of areas. Some graduates teach history at the secondary level, work for a historical society or museum, or work for government agencies. However, many history graduates also go on to pursue a Master’s or a Ph.D. in history, and some enter law school. Recent history graduates have gone on to earn Master’s degrees from schools such as Boston College, Dominican University, and California State University.


Carroll College has numerous opportunities for studying abroadTravel and experience exotic locations as a history major!





Dr. Robert Swartout, Emeritus Professor of History, produced the definitive history of Carroll College, Bold Minds and Blessed Hands: The First Century of Montana's Carroll College for the College's 2009 Centennial Celebration. This book chronicles Carroll's epic first century and capture the essence of the college's ascent to national acclaim. With historic photographs memorializing the College's greatest moments, the book examines five phases of Carroll's development.