Carroll College, Helena Montana

What Graduates Are Saying

Student Spotlights

Allison SexeAllison Sexe, B.A. Health Sciences 2015

"Carroll gave me the opportunity to be challenged to grow as a student and person as a whole. The Health Sciences curriculum guided me in meeting the prerequisites for Early Decision admission to the University of Montana School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science.

"The classes, combined with an exceptional faculty and close-knit community, prepared me for my journey toward becoming a physical therapist."

Tyson Cooper, B.A. Health Sciences 2015

Tyson Cooper"Carroll College provided the skills I needed to be successful in the work force. Communication skills I developed at Carroll have allowed me to build and effectively provide training that grabs attention and accurately depicts potential life and death scenarios on the construction site. I use the research skills I developed at Carroll on a weekly basis in my position. Gathering survey information for at-risk work areas and building trend information reports to communicate and, in turn, mitigate injuries is a major role for me.

"My education at Carroll in the Health Science department gave me a strong knowledge base to build upon and to better understand environmental regulations I deal with on a regular basis."

Tyson is now the Safety Coordinator and Project Environmental Coordinator for The Industrial Company in Gillette, WY.

Megan Olszewski, B.A. Community Health Sciences 2013

Megan OlszewskiAs an undergraduate student at Carroll College, Megan Olszewski combined the Community Health major with a Business Administration minor to prepare her for a career in the health administration.  During her time in Helena, she gained programmatic development skills inside and outside of the classroom by participating in service-learning projects, managing the football team, becoming a Community Advisor, serving on the Presidential Search Committee, and co-chairing the annual IMPACT campaign her senior year.
“Carroll College provided me with the professional confidence and education I needed to seek an internship with a nationally recognized residential health facility, Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch (YBGR).  It was such a great fit! Tey called me right before my last undergraduate final and asked if I would interview for an open administration position!”
After graduating with the Class of 2013, Megan started in June with YBGR as a Human Resources Representative.  Her responsibilities encompass many aspects of health administration including volunteer and internship coordinating, employee recruitment, human resource management, and developing media for publication.  Within two months of employment, Megan had the opportunity to lead the design of an advertisement recruiting a Psychiatrist for YBGR.  It will be published for 6 months in The Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, which circulates nationally to over 9,000 professionals. 

"The accomplishment of being tasked with such a significant project so quickly is a testimony to the ability of Carroll College to develop exceptionally capable professionals, and I am incredibly blessed to be one of them."

Shelby Goodrich, B.A. Community Health 2013

Shelby GoodrichDuring her four years at Carroll, Shelby worked hard to learn the concepts needed to improve the lives of others. Along with taking an active part in the classroom, Shelby was very involved in Campus Ministry, Freshman Orientation, and assisting with the freshman retreat during her Junior and Senior Years.

Each semester Shelby volunteered at different non-profit organizations around Helena enhancing her knowledge of concepts learned in the class. Applying course content to hands-on experiences prepared Shelby for an internship with Providence Health Plans (PHP)  in Portland, OR. While Shelby was at PHP, she developed a complete hydration campaign which was published in July 2012.

In September 2013 Shelby started at her new position with Cover Oregon in Durham, OR. Cover Oregon is an online market place where Individuals and small group employers (50 people or less) can compare insurance providers across Oregon and decide what will work best for them.

"The knowledge that I gained in classes at Carroll and during my internship prepared me for my new job. Without Carroll’s Course work, I would not have been offered such an amazing opportunity."

Bubba BartlettBubba Bartlett, B.A. Health Sciences 2012

Bubba Bartlett, Health Sciences major from the class of 2012, spent his four years at Carroll working hard both in the classroom and on the football field. While he helped to produce four national NAIA championships (2007-11), he also was among the first graduates in the Health Sciences major.

"The degree helped me find a wonderful opportunity that I just couldn't pass up," he said.

Hired right after graduation, Bubba became a medical and surgical sales consultant for Physician Sales and Service headquartered in Jacksonville, FL. He is responsible for the Montana region, and travels the state assisting independent clinics with efficiency and cost controls as well as providing innovative medical supplies and services from medical disposables to diagnostic medical equipment and everything else in between.

"I never thought I'd be doing this, but I love the job and I love the chance to stay in Montana."

Taryne Ela, B.A. Multidisciplinary Health Sciences 2012

Taryne Ela

As a member of the women’s soccer team, Taryne Ela spent hours both on the field and on the road.  Even with her busy schedule, she was able to complete her degree in Health Sciences with a concentration in Psychology and Anthrozoology and graduated with the class of 2012.

"Carroll really allowed me to tailor my classes so that they suited my interests in psychology and hippotherapy as well as take all the pre-request classes for physical therapy school," she said.

While at Carroll Ela volunteered for Food Share and held an internship with Special Olympics of Montana as a Training Coordinator for the Tri-Counties Area. She worked as the Head Equine Instructor at Eagle Mount of Montana for two  years, as well as Fisher Physical Therapy for a semester. She was accepted to the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at the University of New England in Portland, Maine and will begin classes in August.

"I am very excited to pursue my career in hippotherapy (using horses to provide physical therapy to people with disabilities); after PT school I want to conduct research on hippotherapy and eventually own my own practice."

Rachel Franklin, B.A. Community Health Sciences 2011

Rachel Franklin

After graduating in May of 2011 with a degree in Community Health, Rachel Franklin completed a CDC funded internship for Helena that focused on improving the health of a whole community.  Her work entailed a complete community health assessment and action plan for the Helena area.

After moving back to Washington, Rachel found employment with Healthways as a Health and Wellness Coach and Lifestyle Management. She works with hundreds of people each month helping them make SMART goals for themselves based on the Transtheoretical Stages of Change Model. 

"I had no idea these types of jobs were out there.  It’s so fulfilling to see my members improve their health and meet their goals.  Some have even gone off their medications due to the lifestyle changes they have made and sustained!"

Christy Neiffer, B.A. Nursing 2007

Christy Neiffer

Christy Neiffer, had earned a Carroll College Nursing Degree in 2007, but injuries kept her from the rigorous hours that nursing demanded. After much thought, she chose to return to Carroll to work on a degree in Community Health.  After graduation in 2011, she worked in public health for small nonprofit agencies in the area. She currently works on the Healthy Mother’s Healthy Babies’ cribs program which provides free cribs for at-risk families throughout Montana.

Christy was recently invited to attend the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Champion Training in Detroit, Michigan for the unveiling of the new “Safe to Sleep Campaign.” She was also recently hired to work in Montana’s new state run Health Clinic in Helena. 

Christy says, "Since graduating, these degrees have taken me places and introduced me to wonderful opportunities that I never dreamed possible."