Carroll College, Helena Montana


Health Sciences Internships

Saints ConnectionThe Health Sciences Program at Carroll College offers degrees leading to careers in Health Sciences and Public Health. For students in these majors, an internship experience is essential to provide practical application of technical knowledge. This internship is an on-the-job learning process completed under the guidance of a cooperating organization as well as under the supervision by a faculty member.

Many agencies realize that they can make a significant contribution to the quality of their future programs by assisting in the educational process of future employees. Those organizations that open their doors to interns accept the professional task of providing a meaningful experience by maintaining high standards of expected performance from students.

A successful internship experience depends on three key factors:

  • An intern who realizes and fulfills responsibilities and commitments
  • Organizations that provide a supportive work environment conducive to the learning experience
  • Appropriate supervision from both the Cooperating Organization and the Department of Health Sciences at Carroll College

The intern must reflect the policies and standards of the Cooperating Organization and Department of Health Sciences. The value and amount of personal experience gained by the intern depends on his/her contribution to assisting the organization in obtaining its objectives.

This guide contains internship policies and procedures, contractual agreements, internship reporting forms, and evaluative reports to ensure that the intern will receive a quality, practical experience of quality and that the cooperating organization, in turn, will benefit from the performance, skills and information provided by the intern.

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