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Course Descriptions

HS: Courses in Health Sciences

HS 198 Introduction to Health Sciences 2 Cr
This course presents a multi-disciplinary look at topics in the health sciences. With rotating faculty and other community experts, students will explore a range of issues that affect health at all levels. Students who are anticipating careers in health and medical fields, those who are considering graduate health studies, as well as students who want to help improve health and wellness in their communities and beyond will find this an engaging introduction to the field of health sciences. Spring semester.

HS 230 Introduction to Epidemiology 3 Cr
This introductory course covers foundational concepts through study design for epidemiologic investigations of infectious and chronic diseases. Evaluation of screening programs and health services research will also be discussed. Problems presented in class will provide students with the opportunity for gaining skills in descriptive and analytic epidemiology andwill include outbreak investigations, the natural history of infectious diseases, validity of clinical tests, and statistical methodology used for differing types of epidemiologic studies. Prerequisite: Completion of MA 207; good quantitative skills and some biologic background are also strongly recommended. Fall and spring semester.

HS 303 Public Health Nutrition 3 Cr
This course focuses on the main concepts of nutritional health from a public health perspective. Students will learn about health promotion and disease  prevention via nutritional issues, as well as community based approaches to nutritional health and disease prevention. This course addresses private and governmental health care providers and food assistance programs; nutritional interventions and response for vulnerable and special populations; the complex links between health, social, and economic factors with regard to nutrition; and best practice delivery of nutritional information and services. Fall and spring semester.

HS 307 Evidence Based Research Methods in Health Sciences (WI) 3 Cr
HS 307 is an introduction to and exploration of basic scientific research processes, including theory, databases, evaluation of sources, and evidence-based practice. Students will complete a systematic literature review as part of the course requirements. Prerequisite: Completion of MA 207 and HS230. Fall and spring semesters. Fulfills a Writing Intensive requirement.

HS 329 Public Health and the Environment 3 Cr
This course provides students with an introduction to and overview of the key areas and principles of environmental health. Students will gain an understanding of 1) the interaction between individuals, communities, and the environment, 2) the impacts of various environmental agents on the health of the public, and 3) specific applications of environmental health and environmental engineering. Topics to be covered include environmental policy and regulation, agents of environmental disease, and practices for water quality, air quality, food safety and waste disposal. Fall semester

HS 335 Health Policy, Management and Issues: National and Global Perspectives (ND, GD) 3 Cr
This course addresses key topics in global health. Students will gain additional awareness of the biological and social aspects of major global health issues and diseases. General areas of emphasis are chronic and infectious diseases, nutrition, and environmental health. Within these areas populations at risk, health policies, and programs designed to reduce health inequalities will be analyzed. Students will also become proficient in public/global health vocabulary, basic methods used to assess global health, and explore resources for further understanding emerging health issues. Prerequisite: MA 207 and HS 230. Fall and spring semester. Fulfills National Diversity or Global Diversity requirement; but cannot be used for both.

HS/PH 405 Senior Seminar (WI) 1 Cr
The purpose of this seminar is to provide senior level public health and health sciences majors information that will assist them in preparing for professional life. It serves as a writing forum for the preparation of professional portfolios and provides discussion of problems and experiences that arise during the internship. Each semester. Students planning for graduate school should plan to take this course during fall semester. Prerequisites: Senior standing. Fulfills Writing Intensive requirement.

HS 415 Internship 1-6 Cr
Health Sciences or Public Health students will complete an internship in an appropriate setting. During the semester, students will be required to spend 3–18 hours per week in their internship site. Prerequisites: Junior or Senior standing. For more information, please see program web page. Planning for internships must occur during the semester prior to participating in an internship. Each semester.

In the News

College Students Raise Money for Dental Health in Haiti

Hope for Haiti

Giving back is more than a resume builder for Carroll College Senior and Health Sciences Major Christa Carter. Carter is Co-President of Carroll Outreach Team, a campus organization she's been part of for three years.

"Giving back is just a huge part of our life. I just want to show other people the importance of giving back. (COT is) just a club on campus that is for volunteering in the community and doing good throughout the world."

C.O.T. is partnering with the dental outreach team to put on the 6th annual "Hope for Haiti 5k". Read more and watch the video