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Canine Classes

Opal's Obituary

OpalOver the 2014 Christmas break, Opal, one of the foster dogs being trained by a Carroll Anthrozoology student during the 2014-2015 academic year, died. Opal was a stray from the Lewis & Clark Humane Society. She was selected by the program for her easy-going temperament and eagerness to learn. The program and all who support it are saddened by this tragic loss. Her foster caregiver and student handler provided the following obituary:

On Christmas day 2014, Opal was admitted to the emergency hospital for intestinal complications. Her youthful and vibrant self prevented the symptoms of her condition from showing until she became critical. Due to the amount of time it took to stabilize her tiny body, by the time she was admitted for surgery, there was nothing to be done by the medical team at Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital. Dr. Christy Michael and the entire staff at Dove Lewis went above and beyond with care and compassion for Opal and her human family.

Opal sadly passed away on Christmas of 2014, but not before she was adopted by her forever owner Kyle Bernards. In her final hours, Opal was highly comfortable and cared for thanks to Kyle’s generous support, as well as the collaborative and caring efforts of the Anthrozoology professors and the Lewis
and Clark Humane Society.

Opal was a beautiful, adorable, and hysterical little puppy. She had a tiny stature but a huge heart and personality to make up for it. Opal will remain in the hearts and thoughts of her family for future Christmas’s as they remember her wonderful spirit and ability to love and bring joy to all those around her.

Canine Classes

Canine Classes not only investigate the human-canine bond, they also provide a unique environment for learning, evaluating, and applying canine training techniques for a broad range of purposes.  Students are offered:

  • an unprecedented opportunity for advanced learning in behavior, canine science, and canine training
  • faculty and student-based research projects exploring canine behavior and cognition
  • valuable preparation for careers in veterinary medicine, animal behavior or cognition, clinical psychology, social work, education or animal training.