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Adoptable Dogs

Adoptable Dogs

Adopt a dog - Class of 2015

Our Carroll College student handlers have been working and living with each available dog during the school year and serve as foster caregivers for shelter dogs while they train them in one of several disciplines such as service, narcotics detection, or search and rescue. Each dog was chosen from and belongs to a regional shelter.

The dogs are selected based on their personalities and capacities to learn their particular discipline and their handlers interests. Some dogs are high-drive and energetic, others are calmer and a bit less active.

Though they have been trained in a particular area, they can be adopted as pet/family dogs. However, if a dog has been trained in a discipline and her new owner values that training, that is an ideal outcome.

The curriculum within Anthrozoology canine coursework teaches students how to train their dogs, then convey them to an appropriate new owner. Part of that process involves writing a biography of the dog, and screening potential adopters. Student handler contact information follows each dog's biography, if that dog is available for adoption.

Important information:

  • Some dogs already have an adoptive family ready to receive them when the semester concludes.
  • All of the dogs belong to their respective regional shelter.  Potential owners will go through the adoption process in place at each of those shelters.
  • Contact us - If you would like more information about the Anthrozoology program contact us at: For information about the dogs, the handlers' contact information is below.

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Jolene - ADOPTED

JoleneJolene is a 2 year old, female, black Lab/Border Collie cross. She is curious, energetic and fun-loving. She is affectionate, clever and aims to please. Jo, as we call her, can be intimidated by certain men, but with enough positive experience she can overcome her fear. She is toy and food motivated, but will work for back rubs and ear scratches. She is proficient on the training basics like sit, down, stay and come, but like any young dog, can lose focus and get distracted by more exciting things. 

Her main challenge is pulling on the leash. It's something we’ve been working on. She is progressing, but since she is young and has energy, she would be best suited for an able-bodied person. She loves the company of other dogs. She can play hard though, so a similar sized dog would be ideal. She is not food or toy aggressive, but will let another dog know if she wants alone time with a toy. 

She is great around horses, and loves cats, but maybe too much. She has spent time indoors with a cat and was quite perplexed and frustrated as to why it wouldn’t play with her, but backed off as soon as the cat set her boundary. Jo is friendly with kids of all ages, but might be too rambuncous for children under 5. She would be happiest with an active lifestyle, and lots of love.

Contact Jo's student trainer Jamie at:


TykeTyke is a one-year-old, 23 pound, purebred Border Collie. He is learning to do service work for someone with mobility issues. He already does well with basic obedience. His recall has improved tremendously and we are working on new tricks like bowing and playing dead. When he first came to the program, he had no food or toy motivation. However, now he loves to play with stuffed toys and balls.  String cheese is his favorite treat and he will do anything for it. 

Tyke has lots of experience with cats and does well sharing a home with them. He is incredibly patient with toddlers and enjoys playing with kids. He is great with other dogs as well. He would do well in any kind of home as long as he gets lots of attention and exercise. Border Collies are working dogs, so he does have a lot of energy. It is important for him to have a nice yard to run in and long walks. He is a great little dog who lights up any room he goes into and brings joy to those around him.

Contact Tyke's student trainer Claire at:


EowynEowyn (Ay-Oh-win) is a three year old Border Collie/Lab mix from the Dillon Shelter. She is a busy, intelligent, anxious dog. Eowyn has high ball drive and her favorite activity is playing fetch all day. She has amazing stamina. Her temperament means that she needs to be mentally stimulated frequently during the day otherwise she becomes nervous, paces, and whines. After a good day of fetch and training she will willingly curl up on the couch and fall asleep.

Eowyn is a quick learner who enjoys figuring out new tasks, including scent detection. She is a very affectionate and gentle dog that thrives on human attention. However, she is selective of her doggie friends and can be "snarky" with other dogs. Due to her high prey drive, a home without cats and small animals would be best. She would enjoy a home with respectful children who would love to play ball with her. A quiet home without too much commotion and people willing to work with her and play fetch daily would be perfect for Eowyn.

Contact Eowyn's student trainer Karin at:



HutchHutch is a 5 year old Malamute/Australian Shepherd mix from the Lewis and Clark Shelter in Helena. Hutch knows all of his basic commands, as well as more advanced commands like “touch,” and “go to kennel,” both the verbal and hand cue. Hutch loves car rides and walks and often voices his excitement by howling.

Hutch is shy with new dogs and cats at first but warms up to them after a few meetings. He is great with children of all ages but would prefer to be the only animal in the household. He gets jealous when he is not getting all of the attention. Hutch is a very loving dog and seizes every opportunity possible to cuddle with his person.

Contact Hutch's student trainer Chelsie at:

Kodiak - ADOPTED

KodiakKodiak is a sweet, energetic purebred Austrailian Shepard from the Dillon shelter. He's about a year and a half old. Kody loves to be active. He will go hiking, swimming, and running or walking with you. He is very smart and knows all of his basic obedience commands, plus a few more. He is very social and affectionate with humans. He loves to cuddle.

He does have a couple of challenges. He is dog selective, particularly with other male dogs. He jumps up to say hi, and will pull on the leash. We are working both issues. Kody would do well in an active family with no other dogs but he does well with kids and perhaps cats that set good boundaries. He is obsessed with deer and small animals and will chase them if he has the chance. He also loves to chew on tough things like Nylabones and cow bones but soft toys don't stand a chance.  

Kody is a kind-hearted, smart dog who would love to live with an active family who will work with him and go on daily adventures. 

Contact Kodiak's student trainer Jessica at:


BearBear is a year old, medium-sized, German Shepherd cross. Bear adores being around people and loves to meet new ones. He has been around children as young as 4 with no problems. He loves walks much but he also loves to cuddle up at home.  His favorite game is tug of war. He will toss the rope around waiting for you to play with him. 

He likes watching TV which is super cute. He will sit and stare intently at whatever you’re watching. He has been easy to train. He is very treat motivated and he did really well with his basic obedience. 

Once he is used to other dogs he loves playing with them. He does best with other dogs when he is not on a leash. He avoids cats. Bear is a bit afraid of horses, which means he barks at them. He can overcome this fear with training.

His only health issue is a blocked nasal passage which causes him to snore, make funny sounds, and get a runny nose, but otherwise he is very healthy.

Bear would love a forever family who will give him lots of love, exercise, and attention.

Contact Bear's student trainer Macaela at:


AliAllie is a smart, five year old Border Collie cross. She is affectionate and wants to be your best friend. She is energetic and loves to run and play. She gets along with kids, cats, and most dogs. She would be happy to give you kisses and play all day, then lay by your bed every night. She would be the happiest in a home where she is the only dog because she can be a bit jealous of other dogs. She really just wants to soak up all of your love.

Contact Allie’s student trainer Christina at: