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Adoptable Dogs

Adoptable Dogs

Adopt a dog - Class of 2016

Our Carroll College student handlers work and live with each adoptable dog during the school year. They serve as foster caregivers for shelter dogs while they train in one of several disciplines such as service, narcotics detection, and search and rescue. Each dog was chosen from and belongs to a regional shelter.

The dogs are selected based on their personalities, capacities to learn their particular discipline, and their handlers interests. Some dogs are high-drive and energetic, others are calmer and a bit less active, most are both depending on the moment.

Though they have been trained in a particular area, they can be adopted as pet/family dogs. However, if a dog has been trained in a discipline and her new owner values that training, that is an ideal outcome.

The curriculum within Anthrozoology canine coursework teaches students how to train their dogs, then convey them to an appropriate new owner. Part of that process involves writing a biography of the dog, and screening potential adopters. Students interview potential adoptive people and families during the spring semester. Canine Graduation is in late April or early May. The students convey their partner dogs to their new family during the ceremony. 

Important information:

  • Some dogs already have an adoptive family ready to receive them when the semester concludes.
  • All of the dogs belong to their respective regional shelter.  Potential owners will go through the adoption process in place at each of those shelters.
  • Contact us - If you would like more information about the Anthrozoology program contact us at:
  • For information about the dogs, the student handlers' contact information accompanies each dog's bio.

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BadgerBadger is an approximately one year old Australian Cattle Dog (aka blue heeler.) She loves playing fetch, going for bike rides, and playing with other dogs. She needs to be exercised strenuously at least twice a day to be calm and not get into mischief around the house. She would be a good agility competition candidate because of her high energy and intelligence. She picks up on new cues and commands quickly.  She gets along best with tolerant dogs who are not intimidated by her energy. We are working on the fact that she barks with excitment at other dogs when she's leashed. She is very people oriented and loves all new people she meets. She loves to cuddle and roll over for belly rubs. Her most favorite thing in the world is rolling around in fresh wet grass. 


cooperCooper is a year-old Shar Pei mix from the Beaverhead County Humane Society in Dillon. Cooper is very active, energetic, and strong dog who loves everyone. He is always happy and will wag his tail and say hi to anyone who will acknowledge him. He is very good with other dogs.

Contact Keegan at for more information.


DandelionDandelion (Dandy) is a 9 month old German wire-haired pointer mix from the Lewis and Clark Humane Society. She loves to play with other dogs, but can be selective about them. Some new dogs and new people can be intimidating for her. It would be best if her new home have no children younger than teenagers. She does enjoy people when she comes to know them and will sit in your lap for a nice long pet. She is a smart cookie who quickly picks up on new training behaviors, and is eager to please. She is also obsessed with chasing the squirrels in the trees in the backyard. If she likes it, we hope to train her for scent detection work.


GypsiGypsi is a one year old beagle/ border collie mix from the Beaverhead Humane Society in Dillon. She is a cuddle bug and always wants to have her tummy rubbed. She loves to squeeze under the couch to nap or curl up in a sun beam. Her short coat makes her sensitive to the cold, so she'll need to wear a sweater or coat in cold weather. She loves to play keep-away with her best friend, Olive. She is little but, like most beagles, she has quite the bark. Also, beagles are made for tracking, so she can follow her nose to the exclusion of other requests. She is a very brave, but for some reason she is afraid of the bubbling sound when the water dispenser refills.

Contact Gabby at for more information. 


HarveyHarvey is a high energy black lab mix from from the Lewis and Clark Humane Society. They believe he's between 2 and 4 years old. He is working on gentle play and basic obedience in his first semester. Harvey does very well with all ages of people, but can be a bit energetic for some dogs who need their space. He is adjusting really well and has bonded quickly with his student handler. He would do best in an active home where running, hiking and other outdoor sports were a big part of daily life. If he enjoys it, they will work on search and rescue training together.


JoeyJoey is a busy 1 1/2 year old Chihuahua mix from the Pendleton Animal Welfare Shelter in Oregon. Joey, while small in stature, has a big personality. He is energetic and loves to play with other pups and people. He can be overstimulated and vocalizes to express himself when he's on leash. We are working on that, but his new owner will want to continue his training. Because of his energy level, Joey might be perfect for agility or other dog sports. He enjoys going to the dog park, eating cheese, and a good snuggle. Joey is a sweetheart with a heart of gold. He would love an active family to share it with!

Contact Kailee at for more information. 


LylaLyla is a two-year-old medium size mixed breed from the Lewis and Clark Humane Society. She arrived from the Blackfeet Reservation a very independent dog. She has come to life since she entered the program and now loves to play with toys and her dog housemate, Joey. She recently passed her Canine Good Citizen test. Lyla is a lovely, mellow dog with a goofy playful side. She enjoys visiting the dog park and is great with people and most dogs. She is a sweetheart, though bunnies and squirrels might not think so. She loves to chase them!

Contact Julie for more information at


MalloriMallori is a 2 year old miniature pincher mix from the Pendleton Animal Welfare Shelter in Oregon. Mallori loves to cuddle and play. She also loves walks and being in the company of her person. Like some small dogs, she can be reactive to other dogs. A family with one compatible dog or no dog may be best for her. She's very smart and picks up on training tasks quickly as long as treats are involved. She loves to play with and chew on her toys, and happily finds ways to keep herself entertained when she's alone.


MemphisMemphis is a smart, eager to learn 9-month-old cattle dog mix from the Lewis and Clark Humane Society in Helena. He has a lot of energy and loves to play. He likes other dogs, but does best with smaller dogs. He can be intimidated by larger ones. We are working on socialization with large dogs. He is very good at entertaining himself. Chewing on toys or chasing his tail are his go-to activities. He’s a little rambunctious but barely makes a sound. His favorite snack is peanut butter.

Contact Brenna at for more information. 


MochaMocha is a three year old hound/shepherd mix from the Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center in Virginia. She is working on her basic training this semester, but since she is a hound mix and scent driven, she will do well with scent detection work next semester. Overall, she is easy going and people oriented. She can get overwhelmed when meeting new dogs. Her new owners will need to be aware of her personal space issues and protect her when dogs rush her. She might not enjoy the dog park as much as some. Mocha loves sniffing everything, eating everything, and chewing everything! She's a bit of a hunter too, when she is out walking and sees a rabbit she'll get very focused and just stare it down.

Contact Bethany at for more information.


MurphyMurphy is a smiley one year old lab/pit bull mix (we think) from the Lewis and Clark Humane Society here in Helena. He was rescued from the Blackfeet Reservation in Browning. He used to be shy around new people, but he has really come out of his shell. He is comfortable meeting strangers now. He is very calm indoors, but loves to romp and play outside. The lab part of him makes him scent driven, which means he is interested in smelling anything he can get his nose on. Murphy is making progress on learning not to react to other dogs. He is too eager to meet them, so we are working on that behavior. Murphy is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. He follows people around the house hoping to get some snuggles.

Contact Michael at for more information.


OliveOlive is a two year old lab/hound mix from the Lewis and Clark Humane Society in Helena. She is a friendly, energetic dog who loves to go for runs and play with her toys. After a romp in the yard, she is calm indoors. She likes to hang out with her dog friends and does not like to be left out of fun activities. With Olive around, life is never boring!



PippinPippin is a 4-5 year old greyhound mix from the Beaverhead County Humane Society in Dillon. He is a loving, affectionate dog. He enjoys being outside, playing fetch, and going on walks. He's very mellow and laid back indoors. He will lay on his bed for hours napping. He doesn't like to make deposits on a leash, so a home with a yard would be ideal. He does have some separation anxiety, so until he is well-bonded with his new family, he should be supervised outside. We are working on crate training so he can be safely, comfortably on his own. So far he has loved everyone that he has met, both people and dogs. He willingly curls up on your lap for some petting and love anytime you invite him.


PixiePixie is a 22 pound heeler mix. She is 11 months old and comes from the Humane Society of Beaverhead County in Dillon. She loves to cuddle and be near her people. She's easy to train because she also loves food. She's well socialized and enjoys playing with other dogs, as long as they don't play too roughly. She's very afraid of demanding voices, and harsh tones. She was afraid of men when she came to the program, but has gotten better. She is still a little shy when startled and when meeting new people. Pixie is an active dog and needs quite a bit of exercise, otherwise she gets bored and chews on things. She is best with at least 30 minutes of exercise every 2-3 hours. Some days she gets more. She is not very enthusiastic about fetch, but really likes chewing on squeaky toys. Pixie is very gentle and kind to children; she's been around some as young as only 14 months old and done well, but can get overwhelmed when a lot of children try to pet her. She does well with cats, but can chase them without realizing it scares the kitties. She does better around adult cats than kittens, but still does all right. The goal for training Pixie is for her to be an emotional support dog since she loves sitting in laps so much. But more than anything, we are training her to be a well-mannered dog.


PunkyPunky is a year old pug mix. She came from the Pendleton Animal Welfare Shelter in Pendleton, Oregon. She is full of charisma; even the way she is made is entertaining. The first thing that people notice about her is that her front paws face toward the sides of her body in the cutest way. Her ears are like bat wings that flap when she runs. When she first arrived at Carroll, she did not want to play with toys, and showed little interest in anything besides food, and attention. Now she loves playing with other dogs, and her favorite toy is a stuffed hedgehog that is half her size. She is a gentle, sensitive dog who would do best in a quiet home with older children who do not overwhelm her, or with adults. 

Contact Michael at for more information.


ReggieReggie is a fun-loving, year old, pomeranian/sheltie mix from the Beaverhead County Humane Society. He is good with dogs and he loves people. He is not aggressive to people or dogs, but he is extremely chatty. He barks to say hi and at almost anything new. His student handler has worked to drastically reduce the barking, and he's coming along nicely, but his new owner will need to continue the positive reinforcement for quiet behavior. Reggie likes to play with toys, go for walks, meet new people and dogs, and lounge around the house. He has the energy to go for a hike but is also able to calm down enough to cuddle up and watch TV. He is very smart and picks up on new training fast. He'll be learning hearing assistance tasks or learning search and rescue techniques next semester.

Contact Aria at for more information. 


roscoeRoscoe is a young German Shepherd, roughly a year old, who came from Lewis and Clark Humane Society. He is a gentle dog, who can be shy about meeting new people because he has a damaged right eye. His new owner will want to keep him safe and protect him from being overwhelmed by people or rushing dogs. At the Humane Society he was a play yard star and he still loves to play with other dogs, especially his best shelter buddies. At home he is a sweetheart who loves to snuggle and hang out with anyone willing to pet him. Roscoe loves to learn because he loves the treat rewards when he does well. He is a very willing and quick learner. He will do best in a home without small children and with owners who are dog-savvy and willing to continue his training. 

Contact Kat at for more information.


ShenziShenzie is a one year old pomeranian from the Lewis and Clark Humane Society in Helena. Shenzie is a high energy dog who loves people and attention. He also loves to run, jump (he has an impressive 4 foot base leap) and tug on things. He can be reactive to other dogs while on a leash, but he plays well with them off leash. He can be a little overwhelming with other dogs initially. His new owners will need to work with him on house training in the early days. His student handler is working on house training, but when going to a new home, he will need a refresher course.  Playing tug with socks is one of his favorite games. He has an easy-going personality and can settle down when he needs to.

Contact David at for more information. 


ScooterScooter is a 6-8 month old pug/dachshund cross. She comes from Missoula Animal Control who picked her up as a stray. She is a sweet dog with a sassy personality. She knows what she wants and will let you know by bringing you toys or kongs, or just staring longingly at the treat bag. Scooter is very playful. She loves to chase toys and play tug, and she gets along great with other dogs, but she can also set good boundaries with other dogs. She can be chatty when meeting new dogs on a leash, but is always friendly about it. She has a big bark for such a small dog. If you are just relaxing and being calm, she will come join you for a snuggle. Like most dogs, her favorite things are food, walks, and being loved.

Contact Marissa at for more information. 


SummitSummit is a 9 month old German Shepherd/Husky from the Missoula Animal Control shelter. Summit is a strong, playful, energetic dog with a sweet disposition. He loves to play tug-o-war, fetch, and otherwise anything that his people make fun. He uses his mouth to ask for attention and play time. His student handler is working on developing his manners. Because of his strength and size, Summit would do best in an active home without young children. He does well if he is thoroughly worn out by daily, vigorous runs, hikes, or other fun outings. He's a very happy puppy who wants to meet everyone, except the metal bear statues by the carousel in the Great Northern Town Center; those are scary.

Contact Michaela at for more information.

Tate-going on to canine grad school

TateTate is a 1 year old Newfoundland from the Lewis and Clark Humane Society. He was surrendered with his sister, Tula. This big bundle of joy weighs in at 110 lbs. That said, it is tough to find a more polite guy than he. He is great at walking on a loose leash and very mindful of what is and what is not his. For example, he is tall enough to rest his head on the kitchen counter, but his worst offense so far is sniffing a poppy seed muffin. He love snuggle and has a very mild temperament. He is a kind-hearted, playful dog, who loves water and loves to play with his dog friends. He is an independent and self-confident dog who is not intimdated by other dogs, loud noises, or unexpected activity. As with most Newfoundlands, he is a drooler, so we travel with our own towel. Tate is a loving dog with a heart that matches his size. After graduation, he will head to the canine version of grad school. There, he will learn additional mobility-assitance skills, then be paired with someone who needs a service dog. 

Tobias-HIRED by Working Dogs for Conservation

TobiasTobias is a two year old Yellow Labrador Retriever (possible Chesapeake retriever mix) from the Lewis and Clark Humane Society in Helena. He is a healthy, fit dog that will swim and play for hours. With such a high toy drive and energy level, he needed a job. With this in mind, Tobias has begun training in scent work. His progress is impressive. Scent work is proving to be a great fit for him because of his energy and he utilizes his nose well.

Tobias is also a lover-dog who will tuck in next to you if you give him the chance. While he will be great as a working dog, the best home for him will be one that provides ample affection.

Contact Ahnna at for more information. 


TulaTula is a sweet 1-2 year old Newfoundland flat coat mix from the Lewis and Clark Humane Society. She was surrendered with her brother, Tate. Tula has a gentle heart and a gentle soul. She is smart and willing to be trained; loves being scratched on her belly and fetching a ball. She can relax and lay down calmly when she needs to. She loves to be loved and will love you back. If you want a fun, friendly dog who is good with people of any age and other dogs, this is the dog for you and your family!

Contact Dillon at for more information. 


TyTy is a one year old red heeler from the Beaverhead Humane Society in Dillon. He is good with cats and loves the company of other dogs and does well in the presence of horses. Ty is friendly and is learning to direct his attention to the person on the other end of the leash instead of the fascinating world around him. He was a ranch dog who spent a lot of time outside, so he's learning the rules of indoor life. His new owner will need to be mindful of his interest in marking his new (indoor) territory in the early days. While he has a lot to learn as our newest addition to the program, he’s eager to take on training tasks. He’s smart and a quick learner.


ZoeZoe is a 3 year old terrier mix from Pendleton Animal Welfare Shelter (PAWS) in Oregon, where they found her as a stray. She is one of the most charismatic dogs you will ever meet. She is a calm dog inside and but also enjoys playing with her dog friends. She is a little unsure of meeting new people and can be a little reative to other dogs, but quickly warms up if introduced properly. Her new owner will want to continue to work on socialization. Once you put her leash on she lights up and is ready to go. Her favorite thing to do is going for walks, and she can keep up with much bigger dogs.  Since she's a terrier, she is independent but she is also a wonderful companion.