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Adoptable Dogs

Adoptable Dogs

Adopt a dog

Our Carroll College student handlers have been working and living with each available dog during the school year and serve as foster caregivers for shelter dogs while they train them in one of several disciplines such as service, narcotics detection, or search and rescue. Each dog was chosen from and belongs to a regional shelter.

The dogs are selected based on their personalities and capacities to learn their particular discipline and their handlers interests. Some dogs are high-drive and energetic, others are calmer and a bit less active.

Though they have been trained in a particular area, they can be adopted as pet/family dogs. However, if a dog has been trained in a discipline and her new owner values that training, that is an ideal outcome.

The curriculum within Anthrozoology canine coursework teaches students how to train their dogs, then convey them to an appropriate new owner. Part of that process involves writing a biography of the dog, and screening potential adopters. Student handler contact information follows each dog's biography, if that dog is available for adoption.

Important information:

  • Some dogs already have an adoptive family ready to receive them when the semester concludes.
  • All of the dogs belong to their respective regional shelter.  Potential owners will go through the adoption process in place at each of those shelters.
  • Contact us - If you would like more information about the Anthrozoology program contact us at: For information about the dogs, the handlers' contact information is below.

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Buster Brown Adopted

busterbusterBuster Brown, or just Buster, is a two year old brown lab who is learning narcotics detection. He is a busy, high-drive dog. Though he got off to a slow start, he's now doing very well. He is quite active and likes to work.

He enjoys kids and playing and chasing his student handlers cat. It's a big game and the cat loves it. Buster gets along well with other dogs, too. He might do best in a home with older children because he still acts like a puppy and plays with gusto.

Buster would do best in a family that likes to work with and train their dog. Buster needs and enjoys lots of physical and mental exercise.

Bruce - Adopted

brucebruceBruce is a very special 2 1/2-year-old male, fawn merle great dane. He is being trained for service work to help someone with a spinal injury.

He loves people and can be quite goofy. He loves to sit on his handler's lap, and wants to be petted, scratched, and loved. His exercise requirements are minimal, and loves naps! A fenced yard would be ideal, but he would do fine without a yard as long as he gets plenty of walks (2-3 per day.) He has separation anxiety but if he has his crate or own room, it can be reduced. Leaving him with something to occupy his time can lessen his stress (like a kong or other treat toy). He is very food motivated and loves hot dogs. He plays with toys occasionally, but although he can be goofy, he doesn't quite understand playing.

Bruce is good with children, but he could easily knock over little kids, or his tail could hurt them accidentally. Also, he doesn't like chaos, so a calm family with older children would be ideal. His student handler feels strongly that he should be the only pet in his new home.

Potential owners should become aware of bloat and understand the signs and how to avoid it. Deep chested breeds, especially great danes are very susceptible. Bruce is a lot of dog, but has lots of love to give.

Contact: Megan at

Charlie Adopted

charliecharlieCharlie is a basset hound/labrador retriever cross. He is learning to be a hearing assistance dog.

Charlie has learned to alert by touching either a foot or leg at the sound of the microwave going off, his handler's name (Emma), the phone ringing, a knock at the door, and a fire alarm ringing.

More than anything, Charlie has provided lots of levity to his foster trainer/handler. He constantly reminded her that he was the primary teacher and source of fun in the relationship.



ChanceChanceChance is a beagle/basset hound mix who has been learning to do service work. He can do many different tasks such as, opening and closing doors, pulling off his handler's socks and jacket, getting things out of the cupboard and bringing them to his handler. He can also help with laundry and shopping by getting a wallet out of a handbag, then a credit card out of the wallet.

He is a lovable, fun, energetic, and loyal little dog.


Gauge - Adopted

gaugegaugeGauge is a small, german shepherd/lab cross. He is a bashful boy when you first meet him, but once he warms up to you, his true personality shines. His handler says he is a total goofball. When she first brought him home from the shelter, he was not well socialized, but he has since learned to love people. He enjoys playing with toys, wrestling with other dogs, and taking naps. He loves car rides, going to canine training class and his Chuck-It. He is currently being trained in service work.

Gauge will join his new family after canine graduation in May.

Macy - Adopted

macymacyMacy is a four-year-old australian shepherd. Macy has been learning service work while living with her student handler. She has learned many tasks around the house. Macy also been a great teacher for her handler. They have learned much together.

Macy is not available for adoption because her handler has already found a family for her.

Reese - Adopted

reesereeseReese is a small, one-year-old, chocolate lab mix. Most people call him the "little brown dog." He has been trained in search and rescue and has become quite the tracking star.  He is very active. Reese's favorite thing to do is play and roll in the snow; the deeper the better!  His favorite toy is a squeaky tennis ball, but he also enjoys water bottles and stuffed animals. He loves other dogs and all people.

Reese is a very sweet, fun, loving dog who would do well in an active home where he gets lots of exercise.

Rocky - Adopted

rockyrockyRocky is a very sweet two-year-old german shepard cross. He's learning search and rescue and tracking.  Rocky came from the Dillion shelter and has come a long way in his behavior, training and basic obedience.  He loves everyone equally and just wants to play and hold your affection, and cuddle with you.

Rocky is a large, strong dog who gets very focused when he goes to work, which he loves. He doesn’t discriminate against any type of toy…or any type of food!


Roxy - Adopted

RoxyRoxyRoxy is a foxhound mix. She is being trained for service dog work. She knows how to go get help, turn on lights, close and open cabinet doors, open the fridge door, notify her handler when the fire alarm goes off, and open entry doors. She also knows how to get someone her handler asks for by name.

Roxy is a HUGE snuggler who loves to work and go for rides in the car. When her handler first got her she didn't know what toys were, but has had a great time learning how much fun they are.

Rugur - Adopted

RugurRugurRugur is a high energy, black lab/german shepherd cross. His specialty is narcotics detection and can detect both cocaine and heroine. He is a motivated, strong dog who loves his job!

Rugur would be a great dog for a family with older, active kids. He is a big dog, loves to play and wrestle, and needs lots and lots of exercise. He's used to two long walks a day with fetching sessions in between. His handler is a runner and says he's a great running partner, but she's never been able to wear him out. He likes playing with other dogs, but can be dog selective. He is so tall that he can counter surf!

He is very smart and will bond to his owner, especially if that owner is able to spend lots of time training and doing fun activities with him.

Rugur has been hired as a new dog employee at Working Dogs for Conservation. He's leaving for Africa this summer to search for contraband ivory and rhino horn.

Toby - Adopted

tobytobyToby is a border collie cross who is being trained in search and rescue. It took some time for his handler to bring him out of his shell, but now he's doing very well. He will be heading home with his new family for back country skiing, hiking, and lots of outdoor fun.

This rambunctious border collie will be a perfect fit for his new, active family.