Carroll College, Helena Montana

Degree Requirements

Core Courses

Students must take the following course (3 credits).
LAS 206 Perspectives on Gender
Students select 4 of these core courses (12 credits). At least one must be CO 280 or SO 225:
CO 280 Gender Communication
SO 225 Sociology of Gender
ENLT 410 Women Writers
HI 309 Gender History
PHIL 261 Philosophy & Gender
TH 2XX Theology & Gender*

*pending approval


Students select 2 from the following or above (6 credits).
BA 393 Socioeconomic Impact of Women on a Culture: India
CO 310 Race, Gender & Class in Media
CO/BA 315 Gender & Globalization
ENLT 215 Family in Literature
SO/AN 208 The Family
SO 335 Domestic Violence
SO 345 Gender, Health & Medicine
TH 212 Christian Spirituality: Women Mystics
LAS 400 (Gender Internship/Activism)
Any SPECIAL TOPICS course on Gender

Additional Requirements: At least 3 courses must be 300 or 400-level.