Carroll College, Helena Montana

Course Descriptions

Gender Studies Courses

GNDR 206     Perspectives on Gender   3 Cr
Perspectives on Gender takes an interdisciplinary look at males and females in society. With rotating faculty from various departments, we will explore how various academic disciplines address gender issues. Topics covered may include: the history of the women’s movement; the biological basis of gender distinctions; feminists ethics; gender representations in the media; feminist literary theory; gender and religion; issues of gender in the business world; issues of gender in science; gender issues in children’s literature. Fulfills National Diversity requirement. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. Spring semester.

GNDR/SO 225           Sociology of Gender   3 Cr
While there are biological differences between the sexes, in this course we will explore the social aspects of gender from a sociological perspective. From this view, gender is treated as separate from sex, because gender is the study of differing social expectations for people according to their sex. We will examine how gender is defined, constructed, and reinforced within society, and how all this relates to gender identities and gender inequality. With a critical eye on gender’s social construction, we will address issues of gender acquisition and explore the interactions between gender and other socially-constructed categories such as race/ethnicity and class as well as social institutions. Prerequisites: SO 101, PSY 105, or CO 101. Fall semester, odd-numbered years.

GNDR/TH 258           Theology And Gender: Images, Tradition & Discourse   3 Cr   
This course examines how gender—with its pervasive historical-cultural meanings—has given shape to and challenged Christianity. It studies how biblical texts, religious practices and traditions, and theological discourse have been skewed through a “patriarch-ization” of Christianity. It critically examines how becoming androcentric has eclipsed the experience of women and even led to their oppression. Finally the course explores how various forms of feminist theologies attempt to incorporate the experience of women, to retrieve their contributions, and to enrich Christianity with many new and life-giving symbols, forms of thought and ways of living. Spring semester, even-numbered years.

GNDR/PHIL 261       Philosophy and Gender   3 Cr
An investigation of main concepts and key issues at the heart of gender-feminist studies. Particular attention is devoted to the examination of major theories, their specific contributions, their critique, and the broad spectrum of perspectives at stake. Pre-requisite: Previous philosophy course or consent of the instructor. Fall semester, odd-numbered years.

GNDR/CO 280          Gender Communication   3 Cr
Examination of interactive relationships between gender and communication in contemporary American society. Course will explore ways that communication creates and perpetuates gender roles and how socially created gender roles are enacted in public and private settings. Students will connect research to everyday lives. Prerequisite: Sophomore status absolutely required, CO 101. Spring semester, odd-numbered years. Fulfills National Diversity requirement.

GNDR/HI 309            Gender History   3 Cr
While feminism, masculinity, and gender as fields of study within the discipline of History are relative newcomers, complex and varied interactions among people have existed since our first human ancestors. Beginning with a short Introduction to the science of sex and gender we consider the possibility that while there may be two chromosomal sexes, constructs of gender are more complex and nuanced. Throughout the semester we will consider the many ways in which notions of women, men and gender are shaped by a broad range of forces including history, culture, religion, and place, as well as how gender norms and expectations have shaped the world and its peoples. Utilizing a wide variety of sources including scholarly texts, art, literature, social media, and film, we will together consider questions of feminism and masculinity, the body and sexuality, marriage, faith and much more as not only integral to a better understanding of history but also part of conversations currently taking place among people all over the world. Spring semester, even-numbered years.

GNDR/PSY 310         Human Sexuality   3 Cr
Human Sexuality is a course that investigates scientifically the ways in which people experience and express themselves as sexual beings.  This course will examine human sexuality from a biopsychosocial perspective.  We will consider the biological, psychological, and social factors that influence sexual behaviors, attitudes, and values.  We will gain an understanding of the diversity of sexual behaviors and lifestyles, particularly focusing on human sexuality in the United States.  Students will enhance their critical thinking skills through the investigation of scientific evidence for each of the topics covered.  Finally, this course requires openness and respect of diverse perspectives to enable students to explore and develop their unique views about human sexuality.  Prerequisite: PSY 105 or consent of instructor and junior or senior status. Fall semester. 

GNDR/ENLT 410      Women Writers   3 Cr
A study of literature written by women, exploring what it means when women become the center of their own stories. The subtitle of the course will help define the focus: it may focus on writings by British women, U.S. Women, women from any ethnic and/or national group, or a combination of the above. The course may focus on one century, a more limited historical period, or span several. Feminist literary and cultural theory may be an added focus. Writers covered in previous iterations of this course include Jane Austen Edith Wharton, Kate Chopin, Virginia Woolf, Adrienne Rich, Maxine Hong Kingston, Toni Morrison, Louise Erdrich, Sandra Cisneros, Gloria Anzaldua. Prerequisite: ENWR 102 and ENLE 200 or consent of instructor. Spring semester, even-numbered years. Fulfills National Diversity requirement.

GNDR 425     Gender Studies Internship
This course is an internship consisting of supervised work experience in an approved organization or agency that corresponds to their areas of interest. Academic requirements for the internship are coordinated with the internship supervisor. Every semester.

GNDR 499     Gender Studies Honors Thesis
Students can select, research, and write a research paper on a Gender Studies topic. The student will work with a thesis director from among the Gender Studies faculty, and two readers. The thesis will typically be completed in their final year at Carroll. The student will meet all the requirements for an Honors Thesis at Carroll as described in the catalog. Every semester.